Phu Quy Island District: Vibrant Transformation

10:22:40 AM | 7/3/2024 | BINH THUAN

Phu Quy district, located in Binh Thuan province, is a frontier island that is strategically positioned in the defense of the country. It plays a crucial role in safeguarding the national sovereignty, territorial waters, islands, and the territorial integrity of the country.

Banks Remarkably Propel Economic Growth

2:44:03 PM | 28/1/2024 | BINH THUAN

In the previous year, the banking sector of Binh Thuan province adhered to the directives of the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), the Party Committee, and other authorities.

Driving Force for Socio-Economic Development

2:42:30 PM | 26/1/2024 | BINH THUAN

Despite the numerous challenges and difficulties encountered in 2023, the Binh Thuan Industry and Trade sector, with its central role in the economy, has reaffirmed its crucial position, making a significant contribution to local socio-economic development.

Accelerating Development of Digital Government, Economy and Society

2:39:04 PM | 26/1/2024 | BINH THUAN

In alignment with Decision 749/QD-TTg, issued on June 3, 2020, by the Prime Minister, which approves the National Digital Transformation Program through 2025 with a vision to 2030, Binh Thuan province has been vigorously advancing its digital transformation efforts.

Leveraging Sustainable Advancement

2:38:49 PM | 26/1/2024 | BINH THUAN

The science and technology sector in Binh Thuan province has witnessed significant expansion and enhancement, fueled by the national momentum in scientific and technological advancement.

Elevating Vocational Education to Align with Market Demands

2:36:11 PM | 26/1/2024 | BINH THUAN

In response to the evolving needs of students, the labor market, and the provincial mandate for the cultivation of qualified human resources, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Binh Thuan province has been proactive in devising and executing many solutions to foster human resource development.

Improving Efficiency in Resource Management and Environmental Protection

2:36:03 PM | 26/1/2024 | BINH THUAN

In 2023, the Binh Thuan Department of Natural Resources and Environment implemented a comprehensive set of solutions to enhance the efficiency of resource management, exploitation, utilization, and environmental protection. A key focus was administrative reform aimed at creating favorable conditions for businesses and investors, thereby making a significant contribution to local socio-economic development.

Efforts to Boost Administrative Reform

2:35:26 PM | 26/1/2024 | BINH THUAN

Recognizing administrative reform as a central and comprehensive task for the entire political system and government at all levels, Binh Thuan province has led and directed the consistent implementation of numerous solutions.

Eradicating Barriers and Enhancing Connectivity

2:29:43 PM | 26/1/2024 | BINH THUAN

With a steadfast commitment to facilitating the province’s development, Binh Thuan Transport Department consistently prioritizes innovative initiatives, particularly those related to infrastructure development investment.

Binh Thuan Proactively Eliminating Obstacles, Enhancing Investment Environment

2:23:41 PM | 26/1/2024 | BINH THUAN

In alignment with the policy of the Binh Thuan Provincial Party Committee to attract more investment projects from prominent domestic and foreign investors, the Department of Planning and Investment has intensified its investment promotion efforts.