Binh Thuan Resolute to Realize Resolution of 13th Provincial Party Congress Soon

2:26:08 PM | 13/9/2019 | BINH THUAN

After more than three years of carrying out the resolution, I affirm that Binh Thuan has exceeded the target, evidenced by the gross regional domestic product (GRDP) growth of 7.42% in 2016, 7.08% in 2017, and 8.08% in 2018, averagely 7.53% on an annualized basis from 2016 to 2018.

Strengthening State Management of Environmental Protection

2:23:21 PM | 13/9/2019 | BINH THUAN

Carrying out the Prime Minister’s direction on combining economic development with environmental protection, Binh Thuan province has paid due attention to State management of environmental protection in production and business activities. Public awareness of abiding by environmental protection laws has been heightened.

BTWaseco Ensures Enough Clean Water for Daily Life and Production

1:36:51 PM | 12/9/2019 | BINH THUAN

Alongside the strong development process of the province, Binh Thuan Water Supply and Sewerage Joint Stock Company (BTWaseco) has enjoyed strong development in terms of scale, technology and management level.

Toward 20 Best PCI Performers

1:34:53 PM | 12/9/2019 | BINH THUAN

In 2018, the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Binh Thuan province ranked 22nd out of 63 provinces and cities, two places higher than in 2017, as it scored 64 points on a 100-point scale.

Towards Smart Agriculture Adaptable to Climate Change

1:32:04 PM | 12/9/2019 | BINH THUAN

Determined to change its agricultural growth model, agricultural restructuring linked to the new countryside construction program of Binh Thuan province has produced very satisfactory results over the past years.

Momentum for Energy Development

1:30:22 PM | 12/9/2019 | BINH THUAN

To become an energy center of the country, Binh Thuan province has strongly invested in its energy industry and obtained good outcome in recent years.

Efforts to Complete Quality-assured Constructions on Schedule

1:28:35 PM | 12/9/2019 | BINH THUAN

Despite facing numerous difficulties, with ongoing efforts and solidarity of its staff and close support and guidance of the Provincial People’s Committee and the Department of Transport, the Binh Thuan Transport Construction Investment Project Management Unit managed to fulfill its assigned tasks in 2018 and in early 2019.

Industrial Parks Proactively Welcome New Wave of Investment

1:25:21 PM | 12/9/2019 | BINH THUAN

Industrial development has been identified as a key task of Binh Thuan province; in which, industrial parks (IPs) are the active factors contributing to the production value as well as industrial export turnover of the province, creating a driving force to promote the economic restructuring of the province towards industrialization.

Tuy Phong Industrial Park - Preferred Destination of Investors

1:23:53 PM | 12/9/2019 | BINH THUAN

Blessed with a convergence of diverse potential advantages like good location, convenient and interconnected traffic system, available land fund, complete infrastructure system, abundant human resources, outstanding utilities, competitive land rent and flexible rent payment methods, Tuy Phong Industrial Park readily welcomes investors home and abroad and hopes to become their reliable destination.

Ham Kiem II - Key Industrial Park of Binh Thuan Province

1:22:05 PM | 12/9/2019 | BINH THUAN

Located in Ham Thuan Nam district, Ham Kiem II Industrial Park has a lot of potential and advantages and has become