Becamex Vsip Binh Dinh Township and Industrial Park Ready to Welcome Investors

3:23:49 PM | 12/4/2022 | BINH DINH

Becamex Binh Dinh Joint Stock Company is proud to be a member of Industrial Development and Investment Corporation - JSC (Becamex IDC Corp). Becamex IDC Corp, with more than 40 years of construction and development, has now become a leading reputable brand in the fields of investment and infrastructure construction of Industrial Parks, Residential Areas, Urban Areas, and Transportation Infrastructure.

Binh Dinh: Breakthrough in Investment Attraction

9:51:53 AM | 15/9/2020 | BINH DINH

In the first six months of 2020, Binh Dinh was the only province in the central key economic region to achieve positive growth in investment value and higher growth than the national average. From this successful foundation, from now until the end of the year, the province will focus on inviting domestic and foreign investors with strong potential and strong brands to invest in key projects in tourism - services, urban development,...

Striving for US$6 Bln+ Export Value

9:49:29 AM | 15/9/2020 | BINH DINH

Over the past time, the Department of Industry and Trade of Binh Dinh province has carried out many positive and consistent solutions to accelerate public administration reform to effectively serve citizens and businesses and facilitate production and business development to achieve many important results.

Priority to Key Traffic Projects

9:42:31 AM | 15/9/2020 | BINH DINH

Defining that "transport infrastructure goes one step ahead", Binh Dinh province always gives top priority to development investment in local transport infrastructure systems to clear traffic congestions and speed up the construction of local synchronous and modern infrastructure

Banks Share Hardships with Businesses in Epidemic Time

9:41:02 AM | 15/9/2020 | BINH DINH

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused serious impacts on the economy since the start of 2020 and pushed businesses into difficulty. In that context, the banking sector of Binh Dinh province has adopted consistent solutions like lowering interest rates, restructuring debt repayment terms, exempting or reducing lending interests, keeping debts, and reducing fees, thus helping the local business community to overcome negative effects of the epidemic.

Vocational Training Aligned with Market Demand

9:39:18 AM | 15/9/2020 | BINH DINH

To meet employment needs of businesses and investors, Binh Dinh province has paid special attention to vocational training in line with the market demand to build up highly qualified human resources for the cause of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Improving Urban Quality for Green Growth

10:27:54 AM | 14/9/2020 | BINH DINH

Construction planning plays an important role in orienting the development of space, infrastructure and architectural landscape of urban and rural areas. Over the past time, Binh Dinh province has focused on directing and prioritizing capital to speed up construction planning to improve the quality of urban areas toward green growth and response to climate change.

Nhon Hoa Industrial Park - Appealing Destination for Investors

10:26:19 AM | 14/9/2020 | BINH DINH

With its convenient location, synchronous and modern technical infrastructure, Nhon Hoa Industrial Park in Binh Dinh province is an attractive destination for investors and an engine of local economic development.

Viet - Uc Corporation - Leading High-tech Application, Lifting Vietnamese Prawns

10:25:06 AM | 14/9/2020 | BINH DINH

Founded in 2001, after nearly 20 years of construction and development, Viet Uc Corporation has always taken the lead in applying scientific and technological advances, especially high-tech production, to ensure a stable supply of high-quality baby prawn for culturing and processing purposes to build brands and uplift the brand of Vietnamese prawn.

Entrepreneur Phan Thanh Phuong “Quality is the Life of the Business"

10:23:27 AM | 14/9/2020 | BINH DINH

Tingco Beverage Group has greatly changed in scale, status and position in beverage and canned food industries. During nearly two decades of development, “sweet fruits” reaped by Tingco are two plants in Dong Nai and one in Binh Dinh. However, above all else, the most valuable achievement is the trust of partners and customers for Tingco, from the motto "Quality is the life of the business".