Binh Dinh Elevates Diplomatic Engagement with Heads of Missions and Foreign Agencies in Vietnam

1:05:13 PM | 28/11/2023 | BINH DINH

Binh Dinh province recently convened a gathering with the heads of diplomatic representative agencies and foreign organizations in Vietnam at the Provincial Convention Center in Quy Nhon City.

Major Investment Recipient in Southern Central Coast

2:59:47 PM | 10/4/2023 | BINH DINH

With available local advantages, good infrastructure preparations in industrial zones, smooth traffic connectivity and abundant human resources, Binh Dinh province is considered a top destination for companies and investors.

Science and Technology Made into Driving Force of Socioeconomic Development

12:18:13 PM | 10/4/2023 | BINH DINH

Scientific and technological activities in Binh Dinh province have developed in the right direction, adhered to practical requirements and gradually affirmed their driving role in socioeconomic development.

Binh Dinh Makes Tourism Key Economic Sector

11:18:12 AM | 10/4/2023 | BINH DINH

The tourism industry of Binh Dinh province has strongly developed its business system, accommodation facilities and tourism infrastructure. Tourist arrivals, total revenue and contributions to GDP have kept rising.

Enhancing Appeal of Economic and Industrial Zones

10:32:39 AM | 8/4/2023 | BINH DINH

Binh Dinh province defines that developing industrial zones and economic zones is one of the new engines of growth and development. In order to attract investment capital and develop economic zones and industrial zones, the province has created many competitive advantages thanks to the open investment environment, simple and streamlined administrative procedures.

Tan Dai Minh Investment Co., Ltd: Siding with Provincial Government in Housing Supply for People

10:26:28 AM | 8/4/2023 | BINH DINH

Tan Dai Minh Investment Co., Ltd is an outstanding young enterprise that takes the lead in social housing development in Binh Dinh province.

Binh Dinh Construction Sector: Improving Planning and Management

10:07:19 AM | 8/4/2023 | BINH DINH

In 2022, the construction sector of Binh Dinh province basically completed main tasks in planning, architecture, urban development, technical infrastructure management, construction, building material, housing, office, real estate market, affordable housing and policy housing.

Quy Nhon Port: Customer-centric Service

10:22:12 AM | 7/4/2023 | BINH DINH

Overcoming difficulties and challenges in 2022, Quy Nhon Port achieved a spectacular result with a cargo throughput of more than 10.8 million tons and revenue of VND1,067 billion, higher than the targets it set at the beginning of the year.

Binh Dinh: Striving to Become Developed Province in Central Region

10:16:16 AM | 7/4/2023 | BINH DINH

In 2022, in the context of many negative impacts, with prices of many products increasing, especially raw materials and fuel prices, which will greatly affect production, people's lives, livelihoods and implementation of resolutions of Party Committees at all levels, but with the determination of the Party Committee, authorities and people in the province, the socio-economic situation of Binh Dinh has made positive achievements.

Construction Joint Stock Company 47: Prestige and Quality on Every Project Makes Brand Name

10:11:19 AM | 7/4/2023 | BINH DINH

Going public in 2005, Construction Joint Stock Company 47 (C47), formerly a State-owned enterprise, has increasingly enhanced its business performance and maintained its position among the leading hydropower and irrigation construction firms in the country.