Cai Lay District: Advancing Comprehensive and Sustainable Economic Growth

10:28:36 AM | 7/3/2024 | TIEN GIANG

Through the unified efforts and steadfast resolve of the political system, business community and citizens, Cai Lay district in Tien Giang province has achieved substantial progress in socio-economic development.

Tan Phu Dong District: Harnessing Potential and Advantages for Marine Economic Development

10:24:59 AM | 7/3/2024 | TIEN GIANG

To leverage its inherent strengths and stimulate socio-economic growth, Tan Phu Dong district in Tien Giang province has been methodically executing an array of research-driven strategies.

Go Cong Tay District: Striving to Fulfill Development Objectives

9:31:17 AM | 7/3/2024 | TIEN GIANG

During the initial phase of the 2021-2025 term, Go Cong Tay district in Tien Giang province has embarked on a series of cohesive socio-economic development strategies.

Tien Giang Farmers are Excited to Harvest Pangasius because of High Prices after Tet Holiday

10:53:21 AM | 26/2/2024 | TIEN GIANG

After the Lunar New Year, commercial pangasius production increased, prices increased. Many farmers take advantage of harvesting farming ponds to sell for high profits.

Striving for Enhanced Business Environment

1:33:53 PM | 14/1/2024 | TIEN GIANG

Beyond providing counsel and establishing business and investment mechanisms and policies, the justice sector of Tien Giang has implemented a multitude of solutions.

Tien Giang Province: Radical Actions for Robust Growth

10:25:19 AM | 14/1/2024 | TIEN GIANG

In 2023, under the focused leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and close supervision from the Provincial People's Council and the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, Tien Giang province successfully navigated challenges, achieving notable socio-economic advancements.

Unlocking Resources for Sustainable Development

9:38:28 AM | 13/1/2024 | TIEN GIANG

In line with its commitment to innovation and administrative reform, Tien Giang province is concentrating on eliminating obstacles in attracting investment funds and enhancing the business environment. This focus aims to mobilize all available resources for economic acceleration and breakthroughs, said Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thong, Director of the Tien Giang Department of Planning and Investment.

Unleashing Catalyst for Industrial Development

11:34:06 AM | 12/1/2024 | TIEN GIANG

Tien Giang province has charted a course marked by comprehensive planning, robust infrastructure development, and heightened efficacy in investment attraction within its industrial parks.

Tien Giang Development Investment Fund: Catalyst Capital for Priority Projects

11:02:46 AM | 12/1/2024 | TIEN GIANG

Over two decades since its inception, the Tien Giang Investment and Development Fund has progressively evolved in its organizational structure, operational scale, and credit quality.

Cai Be District Embraces New Opportunities for Development

10:05:56 AM | 11/1/2024 | TIEN GIANG

Cai Be District, poised on the precipice of significant growth, is presented with an unparalleled opportunity to draw substantial investment capital.