Bac Kan’s OCOP Products Reaching out to World Market

4:18:13 PM | 23/11/2022 | BAC KAN

A number of OCOP products made by Bac Kan province have reached the world market. This initial success has also prompted effective export approaches to large and potential world markets, thus elevating the class of OCOP products.

Developing Tourism into Spearhead Economic Sector

9:36:13 AM | 23/12/2021 | BAC KAN

Bac Kan is blessed with tourism potential such as beautiful natural landscapes and unique cultural identities of ethnic groups. In recent years, the province has accelerated advertising, promotion and cooperation to turn tourism into a key economic sector. Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Mr. Ha Van Truong, Director of Bac Kan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Duy Binh reports.

Govina Investment JSC Going through Hardships to Sustainable Development

9:34:52 AM | 23/12/2021 | BAC KAN

The COVID-19 epidemic is a challenge but also a test for business health. Its sudden outbreak caused most manufacturers to suffer adversity. However, with the government-backed support policy, featured by social security packages and business assistance, and with the determination of all the staff, Govina Investment Joint Stock Company received certain help to overcome this crisis.

Efforts to Overcome Difficulties, Complete “Dual“ Goals

9:31:49 AM | 23/12/2021 | BAC KAN

Consistent with the dual goals of fighting the epidemic and boosting socioeconomic development, the industry and trade sector of Bac Kan province has adopted many effective solutions to the COVID-19 epidemic, fostering production and business, and playing an important part in the province’s development. Mr. Hoang Ha Bac, Director of Bac Kan Department of Industry and Trade, gives an exclusive interview to Vietnam Business Forum. Duy Khang reports.

Bac Kan Business Association Offers Many Practical Business Support Solutions

9:30:43 AM | 23/12/2021 | BAC KAN

Bac Kan Business Association has promoted its bridging role for governmental agencies and local businesses, helped improve the business investment environment, and enhance corporate competitiveness. Our reporter has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Kim Hung, Standing Vice Chairman, General Secretary of Bac Kan Business Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kim Nam Group. Duy Binh reports.

Creating Maximum Advantages for Businesses and Investors

9:34:54 AM | 22/12/2021 | BAC KAN

Highly resolved to improve its investment and business environment, Bac Kan province has gradually become one of the most attractive destinations to domestic and foreign investors. Vietnam Business Forum's reporter has an interview with Mr. Tran Cong Hoa, Director of Department of Planning and Investment of Bac Kan province. Manh Dung reports.

Bac Kan: Effort to Become Well-developed Province of Northern Upland and Mountainous Area by 2030

9:29:59 AM | 22/12/2021 | BAC KAN

In 25 years since reestablishment, with creative and breakthrough approaches and actions, from a slow-growing province, Bac Kan has endeavored to make progress and achieved many encouraging results. The achievements are a solid foundation for Bac Kan to realize its further goals in the coming period.

Bac Kan Enhances Linkages to Promote Consumption

8:56:56 AM | 30/7/2020 | BAC KAN

In recent years, products under the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program have increasingly gained consumers' trust. Among the important solutions contributing to the overall success are promoting trade, boosting consumption linkages and expanding markets.

Bac Kan Steps up Administrative Reform, Improves Competitiveness

12:48:09 PM | 21/8/2019 | BAC KAN

Vietnam Business Forum Magazine has an interview with Mr. Ly Thai Hai, Chairman of the Bac Kan Provincial People’s Committee, on this issue.

Bac Kan Determined to Create New Investment Impetus

12:44:50 PM | 21/8/2019 | BAC KAN

With the resolution and engagement of the entire political system, Bac Kan province has executed many solutions and activities to boost public administration reform, improve the business environment and enhance competitiveness to draw more investment funds to spur socioeconomic development.