Industry and Trade Sector: Diverse Solutions for Business Support

11:53:33 AM | 28/12/2023 | BAC LIEU

Industrial and commercial activities of Bac Lieu province continued to grow quite. This outcome resulted from many business support solutions introduced by the province.

Bac Lieu Improves the Quality of Tourism Products

4:16:16 PM | 27/12/2023 | BAC LIEU

Bac Lieu province is determined to innovate and improve the professionalism and quality of its unique and distinctive tourism products, as well as develop more regional tourism products.

Bac Lieu Water Supply JSC: Upholding Business Excellence

3:50:22 PM | 27/12/2023 | BAC LIEU

To supply water for production and daily life, Bac Lieu Water Supply Joint Stock Company has constantly endeavored, united and innovated to overcome difficulties to enhance effective and sustainable business development and prove its important role in socioeconomic development and improve local business investment environment.

Trang An Residence: Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Targets

3:34:22 PM | 27/12/2023 | BAC LIEU

With effective solutions to emerging difficulties and obstacles, with synchronous infrastructure, Trang An Residence (Bac Lieu City) has quickly attracted a large number of residents and formed a civilized, modern living space.

Efforts to Ensure Project Progress and Quality

2:28:20 PM | 27/12/2023 | BAC LIEU

Bac Lieu Civil and Industrial Construction Investment Project Management Unit (PMU) is a public service unit under the Provincial People's Committee.

Advocating for Businesses and Investors

2:22:36 PM | 27/12/2023 | BAC LIEU

Investment attraction is always actively and regularly carried out by Bac Lieu province. Resolved to improve the business investment environment and accompany businesses, Bac Lieu is considered to have a lot of potential investment opportunities.

Supporting Enterprises to Overcome Difficulties

11:53:45 AM | 27/12/2023 | BAC LIEU

Mr. Huynh Cong Quan, Director of the Department of Planning and Investment of Bac Lieu, said: “Businesses need only do easy tasks, the state agencies have to deal with difficult ones”.

Driving Socioeconomic Development through Transportation Infrastructure

10:39:26 AM | 27/12/2023 | BAC LIEU

Bac Lieu province's road traffic infrastructure has made significant progress to play an important role in local socioeconomic development in recent years.

Optimizing Resource and Environment Management

10:25:58 AM | 27/12/2023 | BAC LIEU

Environmental protection is always a special concern of the sector. The sector regularly checks law compliance and monitors pollution at companies, factories and manufacturing facilities. Environmental impact assessment (EIA) reports are made seriously and lawfully.

Bac Lieu: Leveraging Advantages, Mitigating Challenges to Ensure Economic Growth and Social Security

9:56:52 AM | 27/12/2023 | BAC LIEU

Mr. Pham Van Thieu, Chairman of the Bac Lieu Provincial People's Committee, articulated the recent socioeconomic performance of the province during an interview with the reporter from the Vietnam Business Forum. He emphasized that opportunities and challenges, strengths and weaknesses are always existentially intertwined.