Ninh Thuan Tourism: Enjoyable and Unforgettable

3:24:50 PM | 6/7/2007

Driving north 320 km from Ho Chi Minh City along Highway 1A, visitors will find themselves amidst a serene sea, blue sky and cloud capped mountains, in the picturesque landscape of Ninh Thuan. On the horizon are Cham towers and lush green forests hiding sheltered beaches and the yellow dunes typical of the province.
Coastline curves: magnificent beaches
Ca Na beach is next to Binh Thuan province with big rocks, well-polished by the waves, and extraordinarily blue and clean water.
Ninh Chu beach is one of the 9 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. The beach is 10 km long with charming curves, rows of green pine, blue water and silvery sand. Next to the beach are Dam Nai lake rich in shrimp, squid and fish, and the mountains Da Chong, Tan An and Ca Du, with bizarre rock formations making a stunningly beautiful landscape.
Tuan Tu beach with endless dunes and gentle waves is the most peaceful place for visitors.
Ca Tien beach is attractive, with serene and healthy beauty. In windy season, strong and big waves offer the best opportunity for surfers. Coconut trees line the coast, making the beach even more charming.
Sand dunes: striking magnificence
Phuoc Dinh moving dune changes twice a year: advancing deep inland and then retreating toward the sea. The dune is some 10 sq. kilometres and is located Northwest of Mui Dinh. 20-30 metre high mounds of sand line the coast. Climbing to the top, visitors can feel puffs of wind, blowing sand up and throwing it over the other side. The air is blurred by the sunlight. A stream winding by the foot of the mountain creates several small lakes, urging tourists to continue the trek to other dunes.
Nam Cuong white sand dune is a long stretch of fine sand lining the coast. It is bordered by cactus shrub and fir trees bending under the wind. Now and then, some Cham girls in traditional robes carrying water jars on their heads show up and quietly disappear.
Phuoc Hai red sand dune is strikingly different from Nam Cuong white sand. It is also the homeland of sand chameleons. Visitors can watch and play to their heart’s content.
Vinh Hy: ideal eco-tourism
The area is famous for its biodiversity, with over 120 kinds of coral in Vinh Hy – Thai An. Visitors can observe this underwater world from glass-bottom boats. There are also yellow sea turtles, a rare species existing only in Ninh Thuan. Visitors can explore the wilderness of high dunes, white waterfalls and streams winding through thick forests, all making Vinh-Hy an ideal place for eco-tourism.
Discovery of Cham culture
Poklong Garai tower is part of the biggest complex of towers from the Cham culture. The tower is believed to be built by King Poklong Garai (13th -14th centuries) in honour of King Poklong Garai (12th – 13th centuries) for the latter’s outstanding exploits in fighting foreign aggression, agricultural production and especially in water conservancy. The tower has since been the shrine for Cham festivities.
Porome tower is on the hilltop of Hau Sanh hamlet, Ninh Phuoc district, 15 km South of Phan Rang town. It was built in late 16th and early 17th centuries. It is the shrine of King Porome and was classified in 1992 as an architecture relic. It is also the site for celebration of annual Kate festival.
Hoa Lai tower is 14 km north of Phan Rang town on Highway 1A and in Ba Thap hamlet, Tan Hai commune, Ninh Hai district. The tower was built in the early 16th century. The principal tower has been completely ruined over time. The two existing North and South Towers have been restored and maintained.
The tourist centre: interesting destination
Hoan Cau tourist site is on Ninh Chu beach with 7 hectares of recreation area for all family members: sea bathing, water sports, night fishing, hiking and 24-hour services. There are also amusement parks for children, a water park, swimming pool, merry-go-round and electronic games. There will be additional facilities and services such as steam baths, massage, dance floor, hotel, and villas for local and foreign tourists.
My A tourist site is next to Highway 27 and in Tan Son commune, Ninh Son district. It has 12 small pools designed harmoniously under foliage and between flowered paths. The smaller pools are for families, and the bigger ones for tourists.
Ban Mai