Bac Ninh Strives to Become an Industrial Province by 2015

1:12:51 PM | 8/6/2011

Currently, with the strong development of the country, Bac Ninh is known not only for its traditional folk paintings and traditional folk singing, but also for its strong industrial development. Bac Ninh now is moving strongly on the right track towards industrialisation - modernisation, striving to become an industrial province by 2015.
Bac Ninh is located in key economic areas: growth triangle Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh, with important routes such as National Highway 1A connecting Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Lang Son; Expressway Highway 18 connecting the international airport Noi Bai - Bac Ninh - Halong; and National Highway 38 linking Bac Ninh - Hai Duong - Hai Phong. Bac Ninh has also been identified as an important satellite town in Hanoi regional planning that has infrastructure, good human resources, and strong growth over the past five years. These are the factors favourable for rapid development of industrial strength in Bac Ninh.
Unified solutions and the proper orientation of Bac Ninh province in recent years has helped industry to keep a high growth rate. In 2010 industrial production reached more than VND23 trillion in value, exceeding the plan by 11.4 percent. The average growth rate reached 27.9 percent. Scale and production capacity of many industries has increased, not only satisfying the demand inside and outside of the province, but also contributing significantly to exports. The value of exports are up over 90 percent of total exports including many valued products such as export of garments, printing, electronics, furniture and fine art. The value of construction output is growing 20.5 percent annually.
Bac Ninh now has a number of industrial products with advantages for the domestic market and exports, such as wooden handicrafts, iron and steel, clothing, apparel, and building glass. Bac Ninh brand products have been present in the domestic and world markets. Some products have already entered difficult markets like the US and Europe.
The efforts of local, domestic and foreign enterprises to invest and manufacture in the industrial zones in the province are creating the best conditions that will be the driving force for Bac Ninh to become an industrial province by 2015.
To promote further development, Bac Ninh has completed many related policies such as amendments to incentive policies, investment incentives and investment processes, developed with the guidance process, monitoring and evaluation of investment, regulations on decentralized investment management. The investment projects have additional funding to meet development needs and economic growth of the province. With the policy reform, investment promotion, Bac Ninh has promoted the reform of administrative procedures for implementation of one-door management. The management boards of industrial zones in Bac Ninh are the state’s direct management, solving all investors’ business in industrial zones, to ensure an open investment environment, provide information, and create favourable conditions for investors.
Dinh Hien