PTSC Quang Ngai Brand Hoisted

10:23:01 PM | 28/6/2011

In the past years, PTSC Quang Ngai Joint Stock Company has always attached much importance to investing in upgrading infrastructure systems and improving competitiveness to reach a new high in the industry.
After more than 10 years of operation PTSC Quang Ngai has made marked progress. To date, it has become a powerful entity with deep expertise and broad reputation in providing oil and gas services like oil and gas engineering, construction and installation services, industrial and civil services; supply base services, tugging services, and oil boats. Starting with poor hired infrastructure and only 5-6 staffs, the company had 1,406 employees as of May 201. It also built a relatively modern infrastructure system. Its annual growth stably stays at 20 percent.
At the Quang Ngai province-based Dung Quat Economic Zone, PTSC Quang Ngai is a leading port operator, freight forwarder and logistics provider. The company is providing logistics, mechanical and installation services for foreign contractors who are in charge of building the country’s first Dung Quat oil refinery and other large projects in the Dung Quat Economic Zone. With a dominant logistic market share in the Dung Quat Economic Zone, the company is extending its arms to the central region and the other parts of the country. In 2010, PTSC Quang Ngai effectively and safely operated the Wharf 1 in Dung Quat Port.
In 2010, thanks to collective efforts of the entire staff, PTSC Quang Ngai achieved positive revenue and profit results. Revenues totalled VND1,068.49 billion, up 1.18 percent from the full-year plan set for 2010 and up 264.91 percent from 2009. Mr Duong Hung Van, Director of PTSC Quang Ngai, said: “In the context of fiercer and fiercer competition, this very impressive result demonstrates the solidarity, dedication, and effort of all members of PTSC Quang Ngai.”
PTSC Quang Ngai successfully handled all heavy equipment, materials, parts, machines for Doosan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Apart from handling services, the firm also provide lashing services.

With marked contribution to the national industrialisation and modernisation, PTSC Quang Ngai has been awarded the Third-grade Labour Order by the State and the Party.


Ship agency operations also generated positive results in 2010. PTSC Quang Ngai provided agency services for many incoming and outgoing ships at Dung Quat Port to load polypropylene and petroleum products from the Dung Quat oil refinery like Marubeni, Buena Estela, Bente Kosan, DL Camellia, Au Lac Jupiter, Au Lac Dragon and Prime Spirit. Supply base services brought in VND45.17 billion of revenues, contributing 4.23 percent to the company’s total revenues, and equalling 72.85 percent in 2010 and 74.79 percent in 2009.
Apart from outstanding performances on business front, PTSC Quang Ngai is also very active in social and charitable activities. In 2010, it donated money and gifts in kind for the poor, flood victims and poor students with outstanding study results, etc.
Speaking of his company’s development objectives in the upcoming time, Mr Hung said: “PTSC Quang Ngai strives to make stronger progress in M&O services, port operations, ship operations, logistics and oil and gas distribution in the central region. The company will try to keep the average annual growth of 15 percent in the 2010 - 2015 period.”
Luan Nguyen