Quang Ninh Enhancing Investment Environment

11:11:28 PM | 9/2/2012

To further introduce local potential, strengths and socioeconomic development strategy from now to 2020, and vision to 2030, the People's Committee of Quang Ninh province has coordinated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and other ministries to host the Quang Ninh investment promotion conference in 2012. This is an opportunity for domestic and foreign institutions, investors and enterprises to meet and seek investment opportunities. On this occasion, Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Mr Nguyen Van Doc, Chairman of Quang Ninh People’s Committee. Ngo San and Le Sang report.
On the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) table in 2010 announced by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Quang Ninh ranked 7th out of 63 provinces and cities. What is your opinion about this result?
From 2008 to 2010, the PCI ranking for Quang Ninh province continuously increased from 27th to 26th to 7th. This progress was accrued from our effective plans and measures to improve component indices, promote strengths and overcome difficulties or restrictions. Our activities will ensure Quang Ninh a good position on the Vietnam PCI chart. Looking at component indices, it is easy to see that Quang Ninh is very close to the top position.
In 2010, Quang Ninh ranked 7th out of 63 provinces and cities, a remarkable result that showed the effort and determination of the provincial political system. With specific and practical tasks like reforming administrative procedures, supporting enterprises to troubleshoot difficulties, improving education quality, and taking most use of vehicles to provide information, the province has created a better investment and business environment. Indicators of business service support, provincial leadership and training for enterprises is evidence of the progress.
Among PCI evaluation criteria, the seventh one of dynamism and innovation of the provincial government, made remarkable progress (in 2010, Quang Ninh reached 6.42 on a 10 point scale). In the coming period, what measures will Quang Ninh take to further promote the dynamism and innovation of the provincial government?
In 2010, this index of Quang Ninh was 6.42 points, up from 5.9 points in 2009. This represented the creativity and wisdom of provincial leaders in applying the Central Government’s policies and bringing their own initiatives to develop the private economic sector.
To further improve the dynamism and innovation of the provincial government, Quang Ninh will gather efforts of all administrative organs, particularly high-ranking officials, to apply assertive and wise administration decisions. The province will strengthen coordination of all relevant bodies in addressing difficulties for enterprises and giving priority to promising, effective projects, infrastructure development projects, key economic zones, border gate economic zones and Van Don Economic Zone.
Quang Ninh province intended to set up an investment promotion centre. What is the best model and mechanism for this centre to ensure its fruitful operation?
Quang Ninh province has made impressive progress in investment activities in recent years, but the result is still short of local potential. Popularisation activities failed to meet expectations because there is a general specialised agency to lead these activities. Several departments have their own investment promotion centres, but their activities are not very close to the province’s development strategy and orientation. They also lack coordination with other agencies with similar and supportive functions.
Therefore, the new Investment Promotion and Business Support Centre will help the Provincial People’s Committee to organise investment promotion activities, support and advise businesses, organisations and individuals about corporate governance, and propose incentive and preference policies. As regards its model and mechanism, the centre will function as a bridge for businesses to contact State agencies more quickly and conveniently, provide information about markets and other aspects for enterprises to make effective investment decision quickly. It will be given power to attract investment and support businesses to attract more investors into Quang Ninh province.
What solutions will Quang Ninh take to further boost to the investment climate in the province?
Improving the investment environment and creating a breakthrough in investment attraction is an issue of strategic importance. To unlock this difficult door, we determine to focus on the following keys.
1. Public administration reform is defined as a breakthrough step to expand production and business activities and create favourable conditions for organisations and citizens to work with State agencies.
2. The province will improve and professionalise investment introduction and promotion activities: building domestic and international investment promotion programmes, listing key projects to catch the attention of investors and introduce investment opportunities to them. Specifically, in early 2012, the province will hold its biggest-ever investment promotion conference to attract more investors.
3. It will complete the overall socio-economic development plan. Currently, the province is working with the US-based Monitor Group to conduct overall socioeconomic development planning. When this plan is approved, it will be the platform for attracting investment into the province.
4. It will improve the quality of human resource training. The province will train better human resources for enterprises by basing training on their demand. Training schools will keep close connections with enterprises to know the demand. The province will also provide business knowledge for new entrepreneurs.
5. It will pay attention to socioeconomic infrastructure, step up infrastructure construction, develop transportation, water supply and power supply and drainage systems.
6. It will review and take back land granted to delayed or suspended projects to provide opportunities for better investors. It will step up land clearance to have new land funds for investors.