Lam Dong Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Centre - A Trustworthy Address for Investors

3:26:20 PM | 8/7/2005

Lam Dong Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Centre - A Trustworthy Address for Investors


To meet the demand of local and foreign businesses during Vietnam’s process of integration process into the world economy, the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong decided to set up its own Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Centre in July 2003, which was then put into operation in February 2004.


The centre has been assigned the important task of providing tourism, trade and investment news for businesses and state administrative bodies in the locality; calling investment for tourism projects in Lam Dong; organising domestic and international trade fairs and seminars; coordinating with other local and foreign promotion centres in order to help firms seek investment and business opportunities.


The centre also provides consulting services for local companies and advises Lam Dong authorities on issuing measures and policies for the development of tourism, investment and export sectors.


Some achievements of the centre after six months of operation include the organizing of the “Tourism Development & Cooperation in Central Highlands Provinces and Contiguous Areas” conference and the supporting of local firms in trade fairs, such as the Ho Chi Minh City Agriculture Trade Fair and the Festival Hue 2004. The centre now has a monthly bulletin on Tourism, Trade and Investment.


In the first six months, Lam Dong Centre worked with investors wishing to invest in the Central Highlands province, such as the UK’s financial group Dragon Capital, who is mulling over the potentials and investment opportunities in Da Lat – the capital city of Lam Dong, and the Ho Chi Minh City-based Kim Lien Co. Ltd., who plans to engage in the Tuyen Lam Lake tourism project.


So far the centre has cooperated with local state bodies to examine applications for investment licenses of 10 enterprises submitted to the province’s authorities for approval.


According to the 2005 plan, the centre will continue developing its monthly bulletin and prepare for a 2005 New Year Edition. It plans to maintain the operation of its Asecomnect network, issue CD-ROMs to introduce tourism, trade and investment potentials in Lam Dong and also publish books focusing on handicraft products and specialties of the province.


The centre will hold conferences, seminars and trade fairs next year, including the Love Festival, Da Lat Tourism, the Trade and Investment Fair, a conference on Promoting Tourism, Trade & Investment in the Central and Northern Regions, and Ho Chi Minh City. It also plans to send two delegations to study the EU and ASEAN markets.

  • Cong Ly