Mekong Tourism JSC – Quang Tri: Forming Modern Serving Style

5:05:55 PM | 17/7/2012

In 2006, Mekong Tourism Joint Stock Company was officially equitized, which marked an important milestone in the operation and development of the company. Operating in the new form, the company’s head has been active in both investment and business strategy, bringing vigorous change and higher turnover year by year to an average growth rate of 20%/ year and stability for employees.
Mr Le Van Son, CEO and Company Director, shared that at present, tourism in general and that of Quang Tri in particular are facing difficulties. The difference between Quang Tri and other localities is that regardless cultural places, Quang Tri lacks attractive sites and featured tourism products, which make it difficult for tourists to remember and come back to Quang Tri. Aware of this, the management board and the whole staff of Mekong have aimed at perfect serving quality. “It is clients that pay us” is considered the criterion during the development which will make tourists remember Quang Tri and select Mekong as their rest for future travels.
Mekong Tourism Joint Stock Company has two hotels which are 3-star Mekong Hotel and 2-star Hieu Giang Hotel with more than 100 suites ideally located in the centre of Dong Ha city. These two hotels are opposite to each other and both along Highway 1A, 500 meters from the Plaza, 600 meters away from Dong Ha train station and the convenient place for tourists when coming to Dong Ha – Quang Tri. Those staying in these two hotels all get the same package of: “convenience, cleanliness, responsiveness and conscientiousness”. Despite the good facility, it is the people that decide the success of enterprises in the hotel sector. Understanding this, the Company’s Management Board has introduced the policy of incentives and penalties that are observed by all the staff under the motto: “Service and Excellence”. Each staff member is sent to training courses for updates on the new and modern serving style.
Besides, given the experienced chefs, the restaurants serve guests delicious dishes. Not only Quang Tri specialties but also European and Asian foods are well cooked to satisfy tourists. The restaurants have also served well-recognized large banquets, workshops, seminars.
In addition to great hotel services, during its development, the Company also opened the international travel agent Mekong to consult and provide tour guides for both national and international tours. Mekong has always been proud of tours “Way back to Quang Tri” offering visits to battlefields and comrades, travels to countries in the region such as Laos, Thailand, China, Singapore and Malaysia, and receiving international visitors to Quang Tri, especially on DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) tours and to neighbouring provinces along the “Central Region Heritage Road”. Mekong International Travel Agent is always willing to cooperate with national and international enterprises to organize and serve tourists coming to Quang Tri and nearby provinces as well as regional countries.  
In the event of the coming Trans-Asia Bridge III and the increasing price of many hotels, when asked about Mekong maintaining its prices, Director Son shared: Not only for the Trans-Asia Bridge event but also in all events and festivals of Quang Tri, even when there is no room left, Mekong will still ensure about the price. Mekong doesn’t aim at profit alone, but we want to build up the “sweetest” memories of Quang Tri and our hotels among the visitors.
The Company’s heads and staff have always made efforts and been creative in seeking new pathways to make Mekong one of the leading tourism enterprises in Quang Tri province. Mekong targets to become a trustworthy address for tourists coming to visit, whether for business or just simply to relax in this land of heroic history.