Phu Tho Further Improves Investment Environment

5:12:56 PM | 3/1/2013

Phu Tho province has adopted many policies to further improve the provincial investment environment. The Vietnam Business Forum excerpts opinions of officials and businesspeople in the province of Phu Tho.
Mr Nguyen Duc Thien
Director of Department of Planning and Investment
To promote investment and improve the investment environment, Phu Tho province first of all needs to accelerate administrative procedure reform by applying the single-window mechanism providing rapid, transparent and efficient service, reducing trouble, cost and time for investors. Currently, when investing in Phu Tho, investors only need to complete and file procedures at one place, the Department of Planning and Investment (if projects are outside industrial parks) or the Phu Tho Industrial Zones Authority (if projects are inside industrial parks). To attract more investment capital, Phu Tho province needs further support for infrastructure and equipment for human resource training facilities. The province also has policies to support small and small medium enterprises to update technologies and train labourers to quickly mobilise the resources for business incorporation and development. The province also adjusts, improves and publicises development plans for northern upland regions, especially key economic zones and economic corridors, for related provinces to capture more information for their socioeconomic forecasting, orientation and planning.
Mr Tran Van Khai
Deputy Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism
In the near term, Phu Tho needs to analyse PCI (provincial competitiveness index) to know its strengths and weaknesses to apply the best solutions and policies. The primary focus is given to administrative procedure reform at administrative agencies. The province expands the application of science, technology, internet and international ISO quality management system to raise the processing capacity of administrative procedures. A “bottleneck” that needs to be removed is that the province must enhance businesses’ access to land and increase land use efficiency. It also needs to develop human resources by boosting training quality at schools; and connect and support enterprises with training and recruitment work. Especially, the dynamism and innovation of local leaders is vital, reflected by the resolve of the administrative apparatus and the shift from the governing apparatus to servicing administration.
Ms Bui Thi Toan
Director of Hung King Temple Service - Tourism Centre
The tourism potential in Phu Tho province is enormous, especially with the deeply spiritual Hung King Temple historical site. This is a major opportunity for Phu Tho province to introduce its cultural tourism to neighbouring provinces and to the world. In recent years, local governments at all levels have focused more on planning, upgrading and improving tourism development, but there are still many difficulties and limitations. As a service - tourism unit, we hope the government will provide clear roles, long-term visions and well-prepared plans. They must facilitate tourism - service units to cooperate together and attract investors to develop cottage industries around the Hung King Temple zone. Last but not least, the authorities must pay greater attention to organising synchronous tourism activities, from entertainment and restaurants to accommodation, to attract more domestic and foreign tourists to Phu Tho.
Mr Nguyen Huu Thanh
Chairman and Director of Phu Tho Garment JSC
After 40 years of development, Phu Tho Garment Joint Stock Company has achieved certain successes. The development of the company always catches the attention of all levels of governments in the province. However, there are certain acts of negativity when State and provincial policies and guidelines are deployed. I thus hope and trust in the fortitude of Phu Tho provincial leaders in creating a more favourable investment environment for enterprises.
Mr Nguyen Quang Huy
General Director of CMC JSC
In recent years, Phu Tho province has made great efforts to improve the investment environment. However, to actually catch the interest and attention of investors, the provincial leaders and competent agencies must create the most favourable conditions for businesses to invest in the province. The simplification of administrative procedures and access to preferential capital sources for businesses are considered the most important. In addition, it is necessary to carefully select new investment projects in order to cause no harmful impact on previous ones. Furthermore, the province needs to create clear lots for businesses and invest in good infrastructure in industrial parks, especially wastewater treatment facilities, to give investors peace of mind when deciding to invest here.