Khanh Hoa: Stability and Sustainability

11:30:56 PM | 7/5/2013

In recent years, the economy of Khanh Hoa province has maintained stable, high growth; the economic structure has continued to move in a positive direction; and potential, advantages and social resources have been reasonably and efficiently exploited. "Looking to the future, together with the country, Khanh Hoa will proactively integrate more deeply and broadly into the regional and international economies, strive to become a centre of economy, tourism and culture of the nation and become a centrally governed metropolis," said MrNguyen Chien Thang, Chairman of the Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee. Kim Bang and Tuan Minh report.
Could you please tell us the major socio-economic achievements of Khanh Hoa province in 2012 and early 2013?
With the high determination of the political system from provincial to grassroots levels and the consensus of the people, Khanh Hoa province still made impressive results in social and economic development in 2012 in the face of adverse impacts arising from economic recession. The GDP expanded 8.5 percent and many key economic indicators still advanced although they fell short of expectations. Particularly, the value of agricultural production, forestry, fisheries increased 1.9 percent, the value of industrial production and construction rose 7 percent, and the value of services was up 12.1 percent. GDP per capita was about US$1,930. The GDP was contributed by 45.46 percent of construction and industry, 42.1 percent of services and 12.44 percent of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
In the context of continued domestic and global economic difficulties, the province’s social and economic development in the first quarter of 2013 continued to make a progress. Agriculture, forestry and fishery sustainably developed, export and tourism achieved good results, and effectively curbed inflation helped stabilised market prices and macro economy. The GDP of the first quarter of 2013 was estimated at VND3,847 billion, up 7.37 percent over the same period of 2012. Particularly, agriculture, forestry and fishery expanded 1.13 percent, industry and construction enlarged 4.54 percent, and services surged 10.04 percent.
Khanh Hoa province has three key economic zones namely Van Phong Bay area, Nha Trang - Dien Khanh industrial development area, and Cam Ranh Bay and Cam Ranh Peninsula area. Could you talk more about economic development potential of these zones?
By implementing the solutions outlined in the Resolution 39-NQ/TW of the Politburo on forming economic areas to serve as growth engine for a wider region, Khanh Hoa province develops Van Phong Economic Zone to create the driving force for the development of South Phu Yen - North Khanh Hoa, develop the Ninh Hoa region in association with National Road 26 to drive the development in the Central Highlands region, and develop Cam Ranh - Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan area in close relationship with Lam Dong province and the Southeast region. Specifically, Van Phong Economic Zone, the growth engine for the northern part of the province, will focus on tapping the full advantage of natural conditions, geographical, political and economic position in domestic and international trade and service activities to propel the social and economic development of Khanh Hoa province, southern central region of Vietnam, the Central Highlands, and the central economic zone. It will help narrow the development divide between these regions with the rest of the country. The province will build and develop the Van Phong Economic Zone into a multi-sector general economic zone with deepwater port, petrochemical industry, petroleum and oil product transhipment, shipbuilding and repairing industry and electronics industry playing key roles in economic, tourism, service, aquaculture and other industry development.
Nha Trang City and its vicinity is the development drive for the central part of Khanh Hoa province. The Prime Minister signed the Decision No. 1396/QD-TTg dated September 25, 2012 on the overall construction plan of Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa province towards 2025. Accordingly, Nha Trang will become the centre of tourism and events of the nation and the world, the centre of economy, science and technology, education and health of the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands, the centre of politics, economy, culture, science and technology of Khanh Hoa province, and an important element in national security and defence. Tourism is the economic spearhead of Nha Trang City.
Cam Ranh City and its vicinity - the driving force for southern Khanh Hoa province, will build modern sea-looking resorts, sporting complexes, amusement centres, hotels, restaurants and other tourism facilities. Besides, this area also develops high-grade, high-quality services, sea shipping and airborne transportation.
As for Truong Sa island district, to exploit maritime resources, the province will build infrastructure and develop services and materials for long-day seafaring and offshore fishing as well as supply essential products and services for islanders. Besides, Khanh Hoa province will attach special importance to perfecting the district administration, develop island human resources, encourage people to reside and work on islands, and attract young workers to meet socioeconomic development demand and national defence. The province will also develop Truong Sa Islands into a tourist attraction.
Could you talk more about prioritised development orientations of Khanh Hoa province towards 2020?
The province will promote marine economic development and seaborne industries, targeting to have a powerful economy by 2020, build modern, synchronous infrastructure, and accelerate urbanisation process to create the foundation for becoming the economic, cultural and tourism centre of the country, the Southern Central Coast and the Central Highlands and turning Khanh Hoa into a centrally governed metropolis.
The province will also strongly develop tourism and services with higher quality and grade in order to make Khanh Hoa province a tourism centre of the country, the Southern Central Coast and the Central Highlands, make Nha Trang City a the national tourist city- home to cultural and sporting events and festivals at national stature international levels.
Besides, Khanh Hoa province will focus on developing Van Phong Economic Zone and industrial zones to create strong growth momentums for its social and economic development, enhance the quality of human resources and turn Khanh Hoa province into a centre of high-quality education and training of the Southern Central Coast and the Central Highlands. Last but not least, it will step up the application of science, technology and technique to support its modern economic development while pacing up administrative reform to enhance the competitiveness of its business environment.