QISC Helping to Build Modern Urban Zones for Quang Ngai Province

4:57:05 PM | 13/8/2013

To support its agricultural industrialisation and modernisation in recent years, Quang Ngai province needs a company powerful enough to invest and develop infrastructure systems of its urban zones, industrial parks, and economic zones to draw investment capital to speed up local socio- economic development. To meet this demand, Quang Ngai Investment - Construction and Services One-member Co., Ltd (QISC) was officially established to bring a new flow of vitality to technical infrastructure development in industrial parks and urban zones of Quang Ngai province.
QISC is a wholly State-run enterprise owned and administered by the Quang Ngai Provincial People’s Committee. The company was set up from the merger of Dung Quat Infrastructure Development Investment Co., Ltd and Quang Ngai Infrastructure Development Investment Co., Ltd in April 2012 in order to boost financial capability, personnel and equipment to develop infrastructure in industrial parks, economic zones and urban zones in Quang Ngai province in accordance with the Resolution of the Provincial Party Committee.
In spite of being established not long ago, QISC has accumulated much experience in managing and implementing large-scale investment projects which require sophisticated expertise of the two companies before their amalgamation. Its typical projects include Saigon - Dung Quat Industrial Park (118.24 ha of land, VND71 billion of investment capital), and land compensation and clearance for foreign-invested projects like Doosan and Guang Lian (VND129 billion). In addition, QISC is carrying out many works like a road from Doc Soi to Dung Quat Shipyard, Provincial Road 623B, and HCM City Industry and Trade College. To accelerate the progress and success of projects to contribute to industrial development, gentrification and socioeconomic development, QISC always seeks to expand its business scopes to commerce and services, searches for investment opportunities, receives investment cooperation and partnership with domestic and foreign service companies, invests to develop urban and industrial zones, and takes on projects on the “win - win” principle.
At present, QISC has three affiliated enterprises, namely Designing Consultancy and Investment Project Management Enterprise, Construction Work Maintenance Enterprise, and Installation and Construction Enterprise, with nearly 100 employees, of whom more than 80 percent are university graduates expert in construction and economics. With highly skilled and experienced employees and specialised machinery, QISC is confident to undertake all construction works in many different fields. By successfully carrying out many important projects, QISC is confident to become a leading urban, industrial and economic zone infrastructure investor and developer not only in Quang Ngai but also in central and central highland regions.
Speaking of future strategic directions, Director Nguyen Trung Quan said, in implementing Resolutions No. 01 and No. 02 of the Provincial Party Committee on industrial and urban development, QISC defines its key tasks of completing industrial, urban and economic zone infrastructure investment projects. The firm strives to become a leading investor and developer of industrial, economic and urban zones in Quang Ngai province and a locomotive of development and industrialisation of the province.
In the near term, QISC will concentrate its resources to complete industrial and economic zone infrastructure and coordinate with the Quang Ngai Economic Zones Authority and the Dung Quat Economic Zone Authority to attract more investors into vacant areas. The firm also continues to invest and build urban infrastructure. It is carrying out the infrastructure construction for Bau Giang - Cau Moi residential zone (costing VND441 billion). Once completed, the project will connect with the infrastructure system of residences along Phan Dinh Phung Road and Pham Van Dong University campus. These facilities will create a space of beautiful, modern architecture and landscape for Quang Ngai City and set another step for the city to be recognised as the second-grade urban zone. Together with this project, QISC was also assigned to undertake the 114-ha My Tra - My Khe residence project worth VND1,000 billion. Mr Quan "The above two projects are defined as QISC’s key projects at the present and in the future,” emphasised Director Quan.
Luan Nguyen