Dak Lak Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Centre: Accompanying Investors in All Fields

4:07:05 PM | 22/10/2013

In 2013, the Dak Lak Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Centre coordinated many major events and achieved important results to contribute to local socioeconomic development. The centre received and guided investment procedures for over 40 investors seeking investment opportunities in the province and organised many interdisciplinary meetings to advise the Provincial People’s Committee on resolving procedures for 13 project investors.
Regarding investment promotion, the centre has hosted many interdisciplinary meetings to collect opinions to work out 30 investment projects to advise the Provincial People’s Committee to submit to the Provincial People’s Council for approval. Besides, the centre has participated and organised investment promotion activities inside and outside the province like attending the second conference on investment promotion into the Central Highlands in Gia Lai province; collaborated with the Office of Provincial People’s Committee to organise a meeting with a business delegation from Ho Chi Minh City exploring investment opportunities in the province; delivered publications and materials on investment attraction at trade fairs, exhibitions, and published on the centre’s website. On the 30th day of every month, the centre reports the implementation of investment projects, difficulties and problems of projects, and checks sluggish projects to advise the Provincial People’s Committee to settle or revoke investment policies to make the local investment environment healthy. To improve the efficiency and feasibility of every investment project, the centre under the direction of the Provincial People’s Committee has coordinated with relevant departments to meet to agree on investment proposals and solutions sent to the Provincial People’s Committee to support investors quickly and lawfully.
Tourism promotion activities have also produced optimistic results. The centre has organised business delegations to tourism fairs and exhibitions and connections with attractive tours linked to interesting destinations. It has also organised training courses to foster professional expertise and knowledge for tourism tourists and improve provincial competitiveness index.
The centre has actively mobilised and coordinated with tourism companies and business associations to participate in major trade fairs and exhibitions within the framework of national trade promotion programmes to introduce local key products. The support of the centre to enterprises has contributed to the development of the province.
To further enhance the mutual understanding as well as more easily solve problems in relations investors and local governments, the provincial government receives citizens and businesses on Thursdays and is determined to settle all claims in order to bring an end to claiming. It also focuses on building and completing socioeconomic development planning and economic sector planning, particularly tourism, agriculture and countryside planning.
Mr Ly Thanh Tung, Director of the Centre, said: In the coming time, the centre will advise the Provincial People’s Committee on new directions for building of specific investment mechanisms and policies, carefully select investment projects in order to ensure feasibility, further intensify the dissemination of investment information in the province, with focus on human resource training, particularly high-quality human resources to meet the needs of investors. The centre will proactively review and propose elimination of regulations that trouble investors while suggesting appropriate mechanisms and policies to accelerate project implementation. In addition, the centre will have to address its difficulties and meet requirements of investors in the investment process such as infrastructure, human resources, market, site clearance and compensation among others.