Bac Kan Department of Industry and Trade: Strong on the Integration Path

5:45:19 PM | 26/11/2013

Bac Kan Department of Trade and Industry was established in 2008 as the professional body playing an advisory role to the Provincial People’s Committee on industry and trade. Over recent years, the Department has effectively performed its functions on assigned tasks, step by step overcoming challenges to grow significantly and substantially.
In the first nine months of 2013, Bac Kan was facing numerous difficulties due to unfavourable weather conditions such as long severe flooding, affecting business and reducing revenue. The Bac Kan Department of Trade and Industry has closely followed firm guidance from provincial authorities, at the same time proactively watched the development of market as well as businesses’ difficulties and problems, then giving advice and making suggestions for the Provincial People’s Committee. The Department has also implemented many comprehensive measures to stabilise production and business development for enterprises, determined to meet all 2013’s objectives.
Specifically, in the industrial sector, the Department has regularly inspected and sped up the production of industrial projects; finding markets for industrial products, crafting products, in which focused on the Hanoi market and neighbouring provinces; deployed and completed 65 projects with total funding of VND2,112 million, an increase of 178 percent compared to the same period last year; generated over 100 million kWh of commercial electricity, up 6.19 percent over 2012’s same period. Besides, the Department has advised the province on solving difficulties for some regional industrial and small crafting – industrial enterprises in inventory clearance, financial supports for advanced machinery and equipment to expand production, environment fee reduction for zinc, ore mining and production.
As for the trade sector, the market in the first nine months didn’t have many dramatic changes other than prices of some commodities increasing slightly due to the rising of electricity and gasoline prices. The observance of the law in trading activities of organisations and individuals were quite good. Violation in labelling goods, business registration certification, food safety were handled well and in a timely manner to ensure the efficiency of management and price stability.
By fulfilling all functions and assigned missions using detailed, harmonious measures, the Bac Kan Department of Industry and Trade has achieved encouraging results. The total circulation of consumer goods and services in the first nine months of 2013 was estimated of over VND2 trillion, an increase of approximately 11 percent compared to the same period in 2012. Market management had been done seriously and effectively. The Department has proactively planned and strengthened inspection and control the flow of goods; coordinated with relevant agencies to inspect and control the trade of trafficked goods, counterfeit goods and goods of poor quality, and closely supervised livestock transporting to prevent diseases. As of September 20th, Bac Kan market management forces finished inspecting and solving 764 cases, of which 33 had been banned goods related; 9 had been trade fraud, 66 violations of business registration and goods labelling; 58 violations of safety regulations. The total amount of fine collected into the State budget in the first nine months had been over VND500 million.
Despite having achieved important accomplishments, Bac Kan Department of Industry and Trade is well aware that the current situation remains difficult and full of challenges. Therefore, to continue the provincial sustainable development, the department is trying its best to promote traditional solidarity, proactively leading in patriotic movements and creative labour, contributing to the successful realisation of local objectives in all development aspects of economic and society. In that spirit, it is widely believed that Bac Kan Department of Industry and Trade is fully capable of fulfilling all political tasks assigned and together with the nation moving forward on the path of innovation and integration.
Khanh Hoa