Bac Kan Construction Materials Production JSC: Construction Journey in Mountainous Areas

5:56:41 PM | 26/11/2013

Mr Hoang Vu Phong, Director of Bac Kan Construction Materials Production Joint Stock Company, said, "In the general difficult period of the economy, the success of the company now is to maintain stability and avoid debt while meeting staff salary and state tax obligations."
Meeting Mr Phong at the office of the company located in Duc Xuan ward, Bac Kan town, I got the first impression of an upright, broad-minded and chivalrous man. The more I talked to him, the more I understood that he always wanted to cope with difficulties and challenges to show his determination to make ideas and turn them into reality. Choosing Bac Kan, one of the poorest mountainous provinces of the country, to invest in under a myriad of difficulties and challenge has shown his bravery when leaving Hanoi to establish a new enterprises in this poor land.
In 2005, the company officially began operation with the main business of hydro power and construction material production (unbaked brick and tunnel brick) as the starting point. However, while the topography of Bac Kan Province creates a lot of rivers and streams, most are small, so most projects have capacity of under 5mW. On October, 2008, licenses were issued to 13 projects, four of which were of Bac Kan Construction Materials Production Joint Stock Company. Only one year later, Ta Lang hydroelectric plant in Ta Loong spring, Dong Phuc commune, Ba De district invested by the company, was put into operation. It went into national grid in August, 2009 with the capacity of 4.5 MW. This is of the first hydro power projects in Bac Kan province. In addition, the company owns three more projects including Khuay Cuop 1, Khuay Cuop 2, Khuay Cuop 3, which are now having trouble in the process of execution. One of the main causes is the difficult construction conditions with high mountain passes and dangerous roads to transport construction materials, lack of machinery and large funding source.
At the same time, thanks to the effort to overcome difficulties of the leading board and the entire staff of the company, the first tunnel brick factory located in Cam Giang commune, Bach Thong district was put into operation. At the end of December, 2013, the company will officially put the unbaked brick production line into operation. This is a good sign for non-baked building materials manufacturing of Bac Kan province to match the development of the country. Thanks to un-baked building material products, Bac Kan Construction Materials Production JSC has become one of the leading companies observant of the policies of the Provincial People’s Committee in encouraging the use of this un-heated material.
Particularly in the middle of January 2013, Circular 09 of the Ministry of Construction regulates the use non-baked building materials in the construction of projects used state budget. However, for Bac Kan province to carry out the roadmap laid out by the Ministry of Construction to use 100 percent un-baked building materials after 2015, there are still many difficulties to overcome. This is also regarded as a stepping stone for the company to develop the production of this material in accordance with the policy proposed by the State and the Party.
Over 8 years of establishment and development in the mountainous area of Bac Kan, Director Hoang Vu Phong said that had it not been for favourable, courageous and supporting policies of Bac Kan province’s People’s Committee, the company could not have achieved its current development. In his opinion, in order to accelerate the process of narrowing the socio-economic development gap between the province and other provinces, it is essential to build consensus between the provincial authorities and the efforts of business to create a good and open mechanism to call for investments and bring benefits for the business community.
Vu Thu