Ha Giang Information and Communications Sector: Steady Development

4:51:02 PM | 21/5/2014

In recent years, Department of Information and Communications of Ha Giang has successfully completed tasks and was awarded a certificate of merit from the province and an emulation flag from the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2013.
Formerly established as the Department of Posts and Telecommunications, after strengthening the organisational structure, till now, the Department of Information and Communications of Ha Giang Province is operating effectively and becoming increasingly mature. Currently, the total number of civil servants is 39, of which 6 hold master degrees. The total of party members is 26 including 22 official members and 04 members on probation.
The Department is currently speeding up consulting and intensifying State management documents in the field of Information and Communications. The Department always acts as a counsellor for the province in issuing of legal documents such as Pro-resolution in Information and Technology (IT), Direction to promote IT applications; Decision in management and operation of special-purpose data communication networks and e-mail systems. The Department also directs telecom businesses to focus on developing network infrastructure and services’ quality for socio-economic development, defence and security of highland border provinces. The telephone density over Ha Giang province is estimated at 65 machines/ 100 people. The total number of mobile communication stations is estimated at 880. The total number of internet subscribers is estimated at over 26,000, pushing up the density to 3.4 subscribers/ 100 people. Besides, the Department takes a particular interest in ensuring network safety and information security, serving the leadership at all levels in preventing forest fires, floods, storms, disaster mitigation and search and rescue, contributing to the socio-economic development, new rural construction and security and defence maintenance.
At the same time, in recent years, the Department of Information and Communications of Ha Giang always boosts television broadcasting activities, well manages press and publishing activities, significantly promoting media publishers in terms of quantity, quality, form and content. In the field of information technology, Ha Giang also creates many breakthrough changes. Agencies and units in the province concentrated on deploying IT applications serving the executive direction. E-mail system, document and job management, electronic communications page/ portal, LAN intranet system and one-door electronic system were deployed effectively with encouraging achievements. In the past two years, Information and Communication Technologies indicators (ICT Index) have had many breakthroughs. Specifically in 2012, IT applications index increased 25 ranks (from 63/63 to 38/63) and up 07 more ranks in 2013 (from 38/63 to 31/63) in comparison with other provinces and cities nationwide. In order to get results, the province established the Provincial IT Steering Committee and District IT Steering Committee to coordinate and successfully deploy IT applications in an oriented way.
Now, the Department has been implementing various action programmes to enhance services’ quality and launch new services to remote areas in Ha Giang; upgrading the infrastructure for information and communications industry and the province achieved certain results. With great efforts and contributions of the Department of Information and Communications, information and communications industry of the province will grow stronger by leaps and bounds, being a part in socio-economic development of mountainous border provinces.
Ha Thu