Viettel Son La: 10-Year Development

8:56:25 AM | 1/10/2014

Military-run telecom group Viettel, set up 25 years ago, has emerged as a leading economic group in Vietnam. Viettel officially established its branch in Son La province in April 2004. After 10 years in operation, Viettel Son La Branch has been one of leading telecom units in the province and asserted its position as the biggest mobile operators there. From 2011 to 2013, the branch was one of five biggest taxpayers in the province.
Dominating Son La market
Since its inception, the branch defined that it based on actual situations to work out best business strategies, invest to optimise networks, provide budget broadband and landline telephone services, and many others to win the trust of customers. Pham Viet Hung, Director of Viettel Son La, said “Customers applauded mobile phone services in the province in December 2004. And, this heralded the outstanding development of Viettel Son La later.”
To meet local socioeconomic development, Viettel Son La upgraded and expanded its telecommunications and ICT networks province-wide. Currently, its transmission lines have reached all communes and wards in the province. Information directories and mobile transceiver stations have been to expand the service coverage throughout the province. To narrow the gap between remote areas and urban zones, Viettel Son La’s mobile network has focused on reaching out border areas. This helps ensure national defence and security for the country in the one hand and brings advanced technologies to remote areas to meet the demand for services and ensure smooth connectivity for customers.
New value-added services, reasonable service charges, and good sales and after-sales policies are important drives for customer satisfaction.
 Joining hands for community benefits
Viettel Son La is very active to contribute to social security and community development. The branch regularly organises pro-community programmes like cooperating with local medics to provide free health checks and consultations for people in Muong Lan commune, Sop Cop district, a very poor commune; building four charitable houses worth VND122 million; visiting and presenting gifts worth of VND605 million to policy-supported families; and constructing two public-funded semi-boarding houses valued at VND320 million. Mr Pham Viet Hung said that "In the past 10 years, in addition to promoting business growth and ensuring national security, Viettel Son La always links business activities with social and charitable works, reduces poverty, and accelerates socio-economic development.”
Powered by advanced science and technology and a capable workforce, Viettel Son La always fulfils its tasks and criteria assigned, ensures continuous information at the service of the Party and local administration; and asserts the roles and positions of telecom, information technology in the province.