Ha Tinh General Hospital: Gradually Mastering Technology, Improving Healthcare Quality

2:34:01 PM | 25/1/2015

With qualified, professional and dedicated doctors and nurses, modern facilities, and patient-centred services, Ha Tinh General Hospital has won the absolute trust of patients inside and outside Ha Tinh province. Vietnam Business Forum interviewed Mr Tran Nguyen Phu, Director of Ha Tinh General Hospital. Duy Binh reports.
Ha Tinh General Hospital is an important healthcare unit in Ha Tinh and surrounding provinces. How do you assess its performances and results in the past years?
With the close guidance of higher authorities in healthcare and the support of the Ha Tinh Provincial People's Committee, the Department of Health set up the Ha Tinh General Hospital on a 32,500-square metre campus. Beginning operations in 2013, the hospital has 200 beds.
In the past years, the hospital received expert support from Vietnamese and foreign doctors and specialists, especially Dr Hoang Anh Dung, a Vietnamese-originated specialist doctor of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, endoscopic surgery and organ implant. Under the technical guidance by Dr Hoang Anh Dung, the hospital has performed laparoscopic operations on digestive, urological, obstetrical and gynaecological diseases.
The hospital purchased equipment for labs where Dr Dung has directly instructed laparoscopic surgeries. Permitted by the Department of Health, the hospital has opened laparoscopic surgery training for doctors in the province while performing its roles in the Medical Ethics Council and the Hospital Infection Control Council. Specially, last year, Professor Tran Huu The, Vietnamese French, supported the hospital to examine and treat osteoarthritis for a two week time period.
How has the hospital focused on improving the personnel quality, qualifications and ethics of doctors?
Currently, the hospital has 129 employees, including many doctors, pharmacists, and masters of economics. In 2014, the hospital recruited more than 10 doctors, with two holding master degrees. It has sent many employees to short-term and long-term continuing education courses. In the coming time, it will continue to recruit capable people and reallocate current employees to boost their capacity and expertise. The hospital is facilitating and encouraging its employees to improve healthcare and treatment quality. Especially, the hospital always respects medical ethics in patient treatment, care and reception.
Could you tell us what policies Ha Tinh General Hospital will follow to open more specialist departments, operate medical equipment to a maximum capacity and apply modern science and technology?
In the past years, the hospital has received the expert assistance from the Hue Central Hospital to diagnose and treat diseases for patients. It also signed a memorandum of cooperation with Hospital 198 under the Ministry of Public Security to acquire technical support, particularly for diagnostic imaging, anaesthesia and rehabilitation. It also signed a memorandum of understanding on staff training cooperation with the Ha Tinh Medical College. It also inked an agreement on professional support with Ha Tinh Dermatology Centre to examine and treat dermatologic diseases. The hospital also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Transport and Communication Hospital on the deployment of orthopaedic techniques and urological surgeries.