Kien Giang Vocational College: Prestigious Training Site

10:23:59 AM | 12/1/2016

With a journey of nearly 15 years of development, with the collective efforts of the officials and teachers and creative dynamism of the Board of Presidents, the Kien Giang Vocational College has gradually overcome difficulties and promoted its advantages to provide a high-quality labour force for the Kien Giang and the Mekong Delta, contributing to the supply of high quality human resources for the industrialization and modernization of the province.
The Kien Giang Vocational College, formerly known as Kien Giang Vocational School, was established in 2002 and upgraded to the Kien Giang Vocational College in 2006. Along with the trend of development and international economic integration of the country and the requirements of development on socio-economy of Kien Giang province, in November, 2010, the Kien Giang Vocational School has been officially upgraded to the Kien Giang Vocational College under Decision 1398/QD-L of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs. Getting through the difficulties of the early days of establishment, the Kien Giang Vocational College has promoted its role in vocational training in the province. To date, the college has 142 staff members, 24 with PhDs and 91 with bachelor degrees. The number of students of the college has increased; in the 2014-2015 school year the college has 1, 897 students and the students in 9 intermediate levels and 7 primary levels.
After 5 years of implementation at secondary and primary levels, the teachers of the Kien Giang Vocational College are active in approaching social needs, promoting enrolment activities, expanding joint training and diversifying the occupations and forms of training, focusing on the practical teaching methods. Therefore, the training scale of the college remains stable and the training quality has improved significantly. Annually, the college actively enhances its coordination with businesses and factories for graduate internships and job placement for students after graduation. Towards the philosophy of "Training meets real needs of the business and society", the students of the school easily get employed after graduation. The career services of the college focus on inviting enterprises to be counsellors for the students, creating conditions for the students to meet and contact with employers, and inviting the employers to the graduation ceremony to recruit students. In the 2014-2015 school year, the number of students who found jobs after graduation account for 64.6 percent. The knowledge and skills of the students are highly reviewed by employers.
Besides the efforts to improve the quality of education, promoting scientific research, and enhancing international cooperation, the Kien Giang Vocational College also is improving the technical capacity and expertise of the management team to enhance the position and reputation of the university domestically and internationally. At the moment, the college is cooperating with the GIZ project on conserving and developing the Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve through the implementation of the "Integrating environmental education into vocational training to adapt to climate change."
After nearly 15 years of development, the Kien Giang Vocational College has built up its brand and its social responsibility. In 2013, the college was recognized by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Schools for high quality vocational training; Besides, the college is honoured to be chosen from the list of 40 schools of the country that will be developed to be high quality colleges by 2020. According to Nhan Thanh Liem, Rector of the Kien Giang Vocational College, to perform well, the college focuses on improving the quality of education; expanding the training areas, linking the training with labour demands of the businesses, and promoting the quality of the vocational training for international economic integration. The college also focuses on enhancing the facilities and upgrading the curriculum as well as the capacity and qualifications of the teachers to guarantee the outcomes; striving to become a high-quality college of the country by 2020, and maintaining the its accreditation and standards.
With the strength of highly qualified teachers with enthusiasm in teaching, modern equipment and innovative curriculum content, training objectives closely linked with the social labour markets, the Kien Giang Vocational College will continue to affirm the brand in the education and training and efficiently meet the requirements for the socio-economic development of the province in general and of the industry and trade in particular in the period of 2015 - 2020, with a vision to 2030.
Hung Kiet