Tourist Attractions in Long An

2:51:41 PM | 22/8/2016

Not only known as one of the rapidly industrialised provinces, Long An is an attractive destination for tourists. Its tourist attraction lies in the human values ​​of Oc Eo culture, a culture shaped and developed a very long time ago.
Long An province is home to nearly 20 prehistoric ruins and nearly 100 Oc Eo cultural relics with 12,000 artefacts found. Besides, the province has more than 40 historic revolutionary sites and scenic landscapes like Binh Ta relic site (Duc Hoa district), Nguyen Huynh Duc Shrine and Temple (Long An town), Rach Cat Fort, and the one-hundred-column house.
The following are unmissable attractive destinations to tourists in Long An province.
Can Duoc
Can Duoc district is a major rice producer, particularly Nang Thom rice which is grown nationwide. But, the most delicious is Nang Thom Cho Dao variety cultivated in My Le commune. Nang Tho rice with braised goby is a local food specialty.
Besides, Can Duoc has crafts such as weaving mats in Cang Long and Long Dinh, silver carving in Phuoc Van, wood carving in Tan Lan, and building boat in Long Huu and Tan Chanh. These crafts have been preserved and produced a lot of handicraft products for exports; a group of Can Duoc boat builders were recently invited to Korea for shipbuilding as small timber experts.
Can Giuoc
Situated in the downstream of the Vam Co River, Can Giuoc has a lot of alluvial mudflats where saltwater plants grow, e.g. mangrove, weeping paperbark, aegiceras and bruguiera. From the bounty of specialties on mudflats, local people cook simple but delicious foods which give you an unforgettable taste, particularly the sauce made from horned ghost crab. There are two types of horned ghost crab sauces, namely whole-body sauce and ground salted sauce.
In Can Giuoc, if you ask for a specialty, you will be introduced to sausage made from fresh pig intestines. Tourists usually buy this traditional dish to present their relatives as gift when they come here.
Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism Zone
Going upstream on the Vam Co Tay River by boat, you reach the heart of Dong Thap Muoi where a locally typical ecological tourism site is located, about 50 km (21 miles) from Tan An City. The tourist site covers Moc Hoa, Vinh Hung, Thanh Hoa and Tan Thanh districts.
You can stretch your eyes over immense mangrove forests, smell faint fragrance of honey bees circling in the air, and play with vast blossoming lotus fields. Many species of rare animals that need to be protected are found in the Dong Thap Muoi, also known as the Plain of Reeds, such as stork, red-headed crane, tortoise and snake. Specially, you can try southern cuisines like sour river-hemp (Sesbania sesban) soup, lotus root salad, grilled salted snakehead with chilli and rustic spirits.
Tan Lap Floating Village
Autumn is the best time in renowned Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay in Long An province. Here, you not only can explore the charming scenery and the hospitality of Southwest people but also have the opportunity to enjoy specials compared to the “love line” with a 5-km melaleuca forest crossing.
Flanked and overshadowed by tall tree sides, you will see a beautiful setting and sense adventure when you step on bridges and row boats to cross the forest.
It takes two hours to motorcycle from Ho Chi Minh City to the well-known Tan Lap Floating Village along the National Road 1 to Tan An City and turn to National Road 62 to Moc Hoa.