Nam Le Loi - Ngoc Bao Vien Township: Landmark at the Heart of Quang Ngai

4:37:13 PM | 13/4/2017

Nam Le Loi - Ngoc Bao Vien Township, a new urban area that covers 30.7 ha and costs VND603 billion for construction, has already inaugurated the first phase and been accelerated to reach full completion in the fourth quarter of 2017. Once completed, the project will be a high-flying landmark of the urban landscape of Quang Ngai province, serve housing demand, develop technical and social infrastructure system, and contribute to the process of industrialisation and modernisation of Quang Ngai City in particular and Quang Ngai province at large. The following interview with Mr Dao Van Duy, General Director of Vietnam Infrastructure Investment and Development Join Stock Company (VIID) - the investor of the project, will decode the attraction of Nam Le Loi - Ngoc Bao Vien Township. Hoang Lam reports.

Nam Le Loi - Ngoc Bao Vien Township is considered a fully modern urban area. Could you please introduce the distinctive features as well as impacts of this urban area on Quang Ngai province’s socioeconomic development?
After studying the market and visiting a number of existing urban and residential areas, we decided to invest in a unique modern urban area that could change the way people think about housing in Quang Ngai province. In my opinion, the project has a strong appeal in the real estate market in Quang Ngai for the following reasons. Firstly, the project satisfies the desirability of customers who not only buy mansions and estates, but also own the living space. The township features a modern ecological architecture, highlighted with its closeness to nature and its maximum amenities (conference centre, restaurant, school, market, playground for children, gymnasium, central regulating lake, infinity swimming pool and water music stage, etc.) that opens up a new way of life for Quang Ngai people. Secondly, the customer confidence in the project has strengthened since the first phase of the project was inaugurated and handed over on schedule, and urban infrastructure was built in accordance with commitments and designs.

The project will add a new living space for locals and improve their living quality. It will also create a stupendous landscape and architecture, and give a facelift to a new modern urbanity. It will generate many new jobs, pay taxes to the State Budget, develop technical infrastructure, promote local real estate market development, and contribute to local economic growth and social development.

In addition, we pay close attention to volunteering, actively support and participate in local social activities. We try our best to minimise any negative impacts of the project on the society and the community by carrying out resettlement, land compensation, and site clearance policies while demanding and supervising construction contractors to strictly comply with regulations on environment and labour safety during construction.

VIID is seen by the community as a Vietnamese construction company that attaches importance to sustainable urban development, pro-community lifestyle and environmental friendliness. What is your opinion about this?
Creating a safe and ever-developing living environment is indispensable, and a goal that we always aim for. Therefore, we are happy to be recognised by the community as a company that attaches importance to sustainable and environment-friendly urban development.

By putting ourselves in the place of customers, we are more aware of their needs and wants for a place of rest with sustainable values of environment, landscape and residence. For that reason, when we developed Ngoc Bao Vien project, right from the stage of concept design, we pursued green urban development and selected Vo Trong Nghia Co., Ltd as a designer (this is a leading green design consultant in Vietnam). Construction not only keeps the schedule, but also strictly complies with quality standards. Post-investment project management and operation is of our particular concerns. The ultimate goal is creating amenities and comfortable living experiences for residents in Ngoc Bao Vien Township.

Sustainable and environment-friendly urban development has always been a vital factor not only for Ngoc Bao Vien Project, but also for other real estate projects invested by VIID.

As an investor of Nam Le Loi - Ngoc Bao Vien Township and a person who directly experiences the investment environment in Quang Ngai, what is your assessment of the province's investment environment?
Any investor must care about investment attraction policies and socioeconomic development indicators when they seek a new investment environment. And, we - VIID, as a property investor – are no exception. VIID decided to invest in Quang Ngai province because we realised that this was a potential, opening and attractive investment environment. Local authorities always accompany investors to understand and sympathise with their difficulties, facilitate them to do business, and offer attractive incentive policies, reform administrative procedures and shorten the time required to finish investment procedures. For example, it took only 14 months to complete the first phase of Nam Le Loi - Ngoc Bao Vien Township from the date of working with local authorities on the project. This is actually a desirable time of investment preparation and construction execution for any property investor.

On this occasion, I would like to send my deep gratitude to all tiers of government in Quang Ngai province for supporting us and creating a very favourable policy framework for us to carry out the project with confidence. We also would like to extend our sincere thanks to our customers who have been, and will be, confident to choose our products in Nam Le Loi - Ngoc Bao Vien Township. VIID will constantly strive to fulfil its investment commitments to provincial leaders and customers, and to ensure the project progress and quality.