Soc Trang Public Works Corporation: Moving forward with Urbanisation Process

3:56:58 PM | 29/8/2017

Assigned to manage, operate and utilise technical infrastructure works in environment, drainage, green space and public lighting, Soc Trang Public Works One Member Limited Company always fulfils its roles and responsibility and to shape clean, lovely and green urban areas for Soc Trang province.

Well-decorated streets, roadside trees, and busy parks all create a lively picture of modern, dynamic and lively Soc Trang City - are the outcomes of a continuous urbanisation process of Soc Trang province. This is a continuous process of Soc Trang province in planning and embellishing urban areas and infrastructure works. This is a great source of motivation for economic growth and public service. A significant contribution has been made by Soc Trang Public Works One Member Limited Company, which always tries its best to improve the urban space for Soc Trang City, the capital of Soc Trang province. As a manager, operator and user of technical infrastructure works in environment, drainage, greenery and public lighting, the corporation always completes its assigned tasks by carrying out important urbanisation investment projects in Soc Trang City.

Particularly, Soc Trang City water drainage and treatment system construction investment project restored and upgraded 11.5km of sewers in Soc Trang City and built a wastewater treatment plant with a daily capacity of 13,180 cubic metres. Operated since 2013, the first-phase cost some EUR6 million from official development assistance (ODA), funded by KfW Development Bank (Germany) and domestic counterpart sources. Besides, the company was assigned to invest US$10,322,584, funded by the Government of Norway, to build a solid waste treatment facility for Soc Trang City and surrounding areas. Commenced in early 2014, the 27.37-ha project in Dai Tam commune - My Xuyen district and Phu My commune - My Tu district is capable of processing 160 tonnes of waste a day and producing micro-organism fertilisers from 100 tonnes of organic waste a day. The project was completed and operated in 2017.

Most recently, the company invested over VND86 billion to build a cemetery called An Vien Thien Duong Soc Trang covering 193,628.8 square metres in Xa Lan village, An Ninh commune, Chau Thanh district, Soc Trang province. The project, scheduled for construction from 2014 to 2018, is the last resting place for remains in cemeteries in Soc Trang City and surrounding areas to shape a modern, environment-friendly city. The project will help raise the quality of funeral services based on traditions of the Kinh, Hoa and Khmer ethnic groups. It will not only be the resting place for citizens in Soc Trang City, but also people in neighbouring areas such as My Tu and Chau Thanh. The company’s other big projects include Phu Loi ring road, Bach Dang Square in Soc Trang City and 30/4 Park. These facilities will help upgrade Soc Trang City to a second-grade urban area soon.

In 2016, the company’s business performance continued to make a progress, with an average growth of 10 per cent. As regards business performance, the firm carried out 31 major construction projects, more than its target while its service business fulfilled 391 per cent of the full-year plan. Its revenue reached over VND143 billion, 11.5 per cent higher than the full-year plan and 26.53 per cent higher than in 2015. With respect to public utilities, it collected 100.3 per cent of rubbish collection plan and dredged 124 roads and sewers and 3,156 manholes, 58 per cent higher than the plan; managed, maintained and operated 12,693 sets of lights and saved nearly 600,000 KW of electricity by turning off lights. The company was rewarded the Certificate of Merits by the Prime Minister, Second- and Third-grade Labour Orders by the State of Vietnam among others for its dedication in the past time.

The company planned to go public in June 2017. After this transformation milestone, it will further invest in key projects: The second phase of Soc Trang City water drainage and treatment system construction investment project, costing EUR16,010,902, will invest in specialised equipment to manage and operate the public drainage system and expand the sewage collection site to 160 ha to serve 33,000 households and upgrade the daily wastewater processing capacity to 24,000 cubic metres, meeting QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT national environmental standards. The company will invest some VND30 billion for a (hazardous and non-hazardous) industrial waste disposal project at Soc Trang Waste Treatment Complex in 2018. The 3.81-ha project will install an incinerator with a daily capacity of 54 tonnes and specialised systems to treat disposed electrical equipment, electronic components, batteries, fluorescent lamps, plastics, oil and chemicals. The facility has a designed processing capacity of 500 tonnes of non-hazardous waste (400 tonnes of coal slag and inorganic sludge and 100 tonnes of other wastes). Soc Trang An Vien Thien Duong project will build supporting facilities like canals, green trees, foundation processing, drainage system, traffic routes and lighting system. More items will be built in 2019 and 2020. In the coming time, Soc Trang Public Works Joint Stock Corporation will seek investment cooperation with domestic and foreign partners in its key business fields of drainage, environment, trees and lighting.