OCOP Program: From Quang Ninh’s Perspective

1:08:30 PM | 9/10/2019

Vietnam's agriculture has been developing quite comprehensively, towards large-scale production with increasing productivity and quality. The “One Commune One Product” (OCOP) program has created the highest system for rating typical products of each region across the country, instead of pursuing a series of sporadic quality criteria like now. This will make an important contribution to changing old production thinking, towards commodity agriculture, high value, sustainability and gradual integration.

The OCOP program is an important solution for restructuring agricultural production, developing production and building new rural areas, a driving force for the country's sustainable development. These are huge challenges, requiring ministries and departments to pay special attention to guiding localities and implementing them in a synchronous manner, in which it is necessary to integrate major guidelines and policies related to countryside economic development. The OCOP program is a local product, but it must be upgraded to the national level, towards the world standard. The OCOP program will have a strong impact on Vietnam's brand, quality of agricultural goods and services, so the State cannot impose subjective will and administrative orders in the process of production. Instead, OCOP must promote the creativity of every community, every citizen in the market economy environment. The OCOP Program, as well as the New Countryside Construction Program, have a starting point but no end point, after 2020, the Government will review performance to continue long-term implementation.

Although the OCOP Program has just been implemented nationwide, in fact, many areas have actively implemented for many years. Quang Ninh has been the first and leading province to deploy since 2013, from only 40 products and 30 units participating in the program, Quang Ninh has now grown to nearly 300 products and more than 200 units actively participating.

After more than 5 years of implementing the OCOP program, Quang Ninh province has mobilized over VND500 billion to develop production under the program, of which the provincial budget accounts for 15.8%, the rest comes from society’s resources. Until now, the province has 140 economic organizations participating in the program; 351 products developed, of which the number of products gaining stars is 138 (with 7 five-star products, 56 four-star products, 75 three-star products), making a fundamental change in people's awareness, especially in rural areas, in changing old, spontaneous, small-scale production practices; improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the State management in commerce in the province, creating a fundamental and substantial change in the management of quality of goods circulated in the market, protecting consumers and protect Vietnamese business and production people.

Manufacturers are also constantly striving to improve the quality of goods, lower prices, better meet the needs of consumers, and at the same time innovate solutions to enhance production and business capacity, expanding market and building brand. In particular, businesses focus on researching to design the most typical product line that the market does not have and establish brand for each product; researching materials suitable to the market in order to reduce the cost of input materials and create high-value products; applying science and technology, increasing professionalism in production to increase productivity.

In addition, Quang Ninh province has also strengthened the organization for businesses, cooperatives and individuals to participate in more than 100 fairs. Up to now, the province has 29 centers, shops, points of introduction and sale of OCOP products, of which 10 out of 29 OCOP sales points are supported by the budget, the rest is due to economic sectors’ investment in the system of centers, shops, and OCOP introduction points. In the coming time, Quang Ninh province will need the attention of the Central Government to continue implementing the supporting policies, creating a favorable environment for developing "One commune, ward, one product" program. In particular, Quang Ninh focuses strongly on solving difficulties on land policies, credit, simplifying procedures for borrowing capital; at the same time, giving priority to practical solutions on science and technology, markets for OCOP organizations, units and businesses to have the most favorable conditions in developing production, expanding markets and improving socio-economic efficiency.