Determined to Make Da Nang “Most Livable City”

10:06:58 AM | 26/12/2019

With the goal of building and developing civilized, modern, compassionate and distinctive Da Nang City, the city has launched a plan to build “most livable city” criteria since 2018.

Six groups of criteria

The set of “most livable city” criteria of Da Nang City, developed by the Propaganda and Education Bureau under the City Party Committee, is collecting opinions from the masses, experts and authorities in the city for completion.

According to the Propaganda and Education Bureau, the term “most livable city” in the world now refers to a well-managed city that has harmonious sustainable development of economy, politics, culture and society to achieve the goal of improving people’s life quality. Therefore, striving to become a “best living city” is both the goal and the mainspring of Da Nang City to step into the playground for best metropolises in the region and in the world.

The Resolution of the 20th Da Nang City Party Congress states that Da Nang will strive to become a city with a civilized and humanistic environment, fresh nature, a highly cultured life, knowledge-based breadwinning, one of harmonious, friendly and peaceful cities, and an attractive and livable city by 2020.

Therefore, to realize the above objectives, Da Nang has built a set of “most livable city” criteria to lay the groundwork for gauging and measuring relevant fields every year. The set of “most livable city” criteria of Da Nang City includes six groups of criteria: governance, personal development, infrastructure, economic environment, living environment, and social and cultural life.

Each group of criteria consists of specific criteria. For example, the group of personal development criteria has various specific criteria like having increasingly paid jobs, supporting people to have a place to live, improving public protection and healthcare, building a cultural lifestyle and urban civilization.

Acquiring comments for completion

Over the past year, Da Nang City has organized many seminars to have constructive comments for building the set of “most livable city” criteria.

Most recently, on November 22, the Department of Culture and Sports held a workshop on construction of the set of “most livable city” criteria for Da Nang City to 2030. The event attracted more than 70 researchers, scientists, experts and local authorities.

At the seminar, Dr. Tran Duc Anh Son and MA Dam Thi Van Dung, Head of Society - Humanities Research Department under the Da Nang Institute for Socioeconomic Development, summarized the results of public surveys on “most livable city” criteria for Da Nang City to 2030.

At the same time, the workshop also accepted comments, criticisms as well as experience from scientists, researchers and local authorities on basic contents of the set of “most livable city” criteria for Da Nang City to 2030.

At the workshop, the research team also clearly stated the purpose of building the set of criteria with six fields and 60 component criteria.

The workshop outcome will be an important basis for the research team to integrate and revise to complete the draft, which identifies criteria for strategic directions in line with specific development practices to 2030.

Quang Tuan