Nam Dinh State Treasury Modernizing Professional Operations

2:33:01 PM | 16/4/2020

For the past years, the State Treasury of Nam Dinh province has followed closely the directions of the Ministry of Finance, the People's Committee of Nam Dinh and the State Treasury to accelerate modernization of professional activities, information technology (IT) application and focus on administrative procedure reform, creating favorable conditions for those paying / using the budget.

Mr. Vu Duy Minh, Deputy Director of Nam Dinh State Treasury, said one of the key tasks of the Nam Dinh State Treasury is to focus and promptly reflect State budget revenue. In recent years, Nam Dinh State Treasury has constantly modernized its management mechanism, both in terms of apparatus and people according to advanced and scientific methods, and international standards to improve operational efficiency, support effective tax management and contribute to administrative procedure reform for taxpayers, aiming to have 100% of enterprises paying tax electronically.

The unit has regularly cooperated with commercial banks so they will focus on developing technology, meeting objectives and requirements of strengthening advanced and modern forms of State budget collection (transfer, ATM, POS, internet banking), thereby minimizing the payment of State budget in cash via commercial banks or State Treasury.

Currently, the State Treasury of Nam Dinh has been actively coordinating with the budget collecting agencies and five commercial banks to agree on the implementation of the coordination of State budget collection in Nam Dinh province, contributing to timely and full collection of revenues of the State budget. It has facilitated taxpayers, accelerating administrative procedure reform, improving service quality and saving payment costs, minimizing payment time, bringing many benefits to payers and participating units in coordinating the State budget revenue collection in the area. In particular, the space and time to fulfill the obligation of paying the State budget is expanded (payment can be made at many different locations: the State Treasury headquarters, branches, transaction points of the coordinated banks; or pay outside office hours, on weekends).

According to Mr. Vu Duy Minh, the process and procedures for paying State budget are simplified, minimizing the time and procedures for State budget payment based on the principle: tax payers only need to make one copy of tax declaration according to a relatively simple form; the waiting time for each taxpayer to complete the payment procedure is reduced to about 3-5 minutes for a tax payment transaction.

For many years, the State Treasury of Nam Dinh has actively applied and deployed IT applications in its professional activities in order to improve the operational efficiency of the Treasury system. In addition to successfully implementing the Treasury and Budget Management Information System (TABMIS), the State Treasury of Nam Dinh has also implemented other IT applications such as the Treasury Communications System (TCS) or digital signature. Especially, it has applied the principle of “paying first, revising later” for multiple payment contracts, shortening the maximum payment time to one working day since receiving complete and valid documents and invoices.

As of October 10, 2019, Nam Dinh had 1,111 out of 1,452 transaction units (76.5%) registering level 4 online public services with the Treasury and deploying a risk warning application in controlling State budget spending. Total State budget revenue in the province reached VND4,076.052 billion, accounting for 82% of the estimate and 109% compared to the same period last year. The total State budget expenditure at all levels in 2019 was VND11,599.933 billion, reaching 84% of the estimate; the regular expenditures were always strictly controlled in accordance with the State Treasury law.

In order to contribute to improving the business environment and raising the PCI, with its functions and duties, in the coming time, Nam Dinh State Treasury will continue to timely update the Party's guideline, the State's laws and policies, and direction of the Government, the Ministry of Finance, the State Treasury, and the Provincial People's Committee in finance, budget and other fields related to the performance of functions and duties of the State Treasury. It will regularly systemize, disseminate and guide customers with new regulations directly related to them in order to strictly control state budget expenditures as prescribed, but at the same time create favorable, open conditions and shorten transaction time with customers.

The Nam Dinh State Treasury will also continue to raise legal awareness, capacity and professional qualifications for civil servants; strengthen education, management and specific requirements on work capacity, expertise, discipline, professionalism, and attitude of dedication to state budget users; maintaining ISO quality management system and enhancing IT application in all activities of the unit.

Source:  Vietnam Business Forum