Hai Ly Group: New Way - New Mark

12:46:48 PM | 22/6/2020

During nearly 30 years of construction and development, Hai Ly Group adheres to its business philosophy of “Honestly sharing benefits through its products and services to bring best values to customers” and the message “Dedicated to true value”. The leadership and the staff of Hai Ly Group are always united to overcome all difficulties, capture all opportunities, obtain impressive business achievements, and contribute to socioeconomic development of the country in general and province in particular.

Challenging and proud journey

Hai Ly Group, founded in 1993, has continuously grown up, starting from only six employees to a big business entity of nearly 300 employees. Not only investing in civil engineering, transportation, irrigation and infrastructure development of urban areas, the group has grown to become a powerful multi-business company which is engaged in construction material, real estate, services and renewable energy in many provinces and cities nationwide. The revenue and tax payment increased each year, while the income and livelihood of employees are constantly improved.

Entrepreneur Tran Duc Ly, Founder and Chairman of Hai Ly Group, said, to reach its current success, the company always places development at the heart. In addition to professional capacity, employees must have ethics in business and loyalty to the company. Over the years, Hai Ly Group attracted and trained a team of highly skilled workers to undertake various constructions and satisfy technical, artistic and quality demands from investors. To continuously improve professional qualifications for employees, the company regularly facilitates them to attend short-term and long-term classes to improve their skills; arrange field trips to gain experience in potential provinces; and strengthen the leadership apparatus. In the future, Hai Ly Group will continue to invest in renewable energy such as solar power and wind power. These projects do not have an environmental impact and renewable energy development is a solution for the future towards sustainable development.

In addition to ensuring business profits and regulatory compliance, Hai Ly Group pays special attention to charitable and humanitarian work and contributes a lot for the poor and victims of Agent Orange. Business emulation and innovative promotion movements are organized regularly.

With its outstanding achievements, Hai Ly Group and its employees have been presented various noble titles, including Second grade Labor Order for its contributions to national construction.

Thai Binh wind power project - New step of progress

Mr. Tran Duc Ly said, “Wind power development brings a lot of benefits because this is an endless renewable energy source, friendly to the environment and safe for people. Developing wind power is an important solution to meet growing electricity demand while fossil energy resources are declining. Thai Binh is one of few northern provinces capable of developing wind power. Survey results show that Thai Binh has a lot of potential for investors to research, cooperate and invest in this field. Focusing on planning and developing wind power, Thai Binh not only awakens and untaps its wind resource potential to develop the energy industry and add a power source to the national grid but also supports stable industrial development, local economic restructuring, employment and income growth for people.”

Realizing the development potential of wind power in Thai Binh, Hai Ly Group has placed its all resources into this project. Mr. Tran Duc Ly added, “Vietnam has a long coastline with a huge potential for developing solar and wind power. I travelled to many foreign countries and found that their natural conditions are not as favorable as Vietnam but they are very successful with renewable energy development. So why can't Vietnam do it? That motivated me to study and research ... and the Thai Binh wind power project is where I feel free to do for the country and for next generations sustainably.”

Remarking on the Thai Binh investment environment, General Director Tran Duc Ly said, “With the great efforts and determination of all-tiers of authorities for a better investment environment and more sustainable business development, I believe that Thai Binh will be an ideal destination for investors in the coming time, especially after the Prime Minister ratified the master planning on construction of Thai Binh Economic Zone to 2040, and vision to 2050."

Source: Vietnam Business Forum