Achievements after Nearly 10 Years of Building New Rural Areas

10:19:23 AM | 3/7/2020

After nearly 10 years of implementing the National Target Program on New Rural Construction in the period of 2010-2020, Kien Giang province has made many achievements, contributing to a clear change in the appearance of the local agricultural and countryside areas.

Up to now, Kien Giang province has 78/117 communes recognized as meeting new rural standards (accounting for 66.67%); 1 district (Tan Hiep) meeting new rural standards; on average, the whole province has reached 16.8 criteria per commune. Until now, there are 9 districts and cities basically meeting 50% or more of the standard communes, of which 5 districts and cities have 100% of the communes meeting the standards.

Summarizing the period 2010-2020, the total mobilized capital for building new rural areas in the province is VND 29,186 billion, including the direct support of VND 744.36 billion (accounting for 2.58%) from the Central government, the remaining are integrated capital, credit loans, people and businesses’ contribution. This capital is invested by the province in constructing socio-economic infrastructure, rural transportation, irrigation systems, electrical facilities, cultural and educational establishments; and creating favorable conditions for people to develop production and business, contributing to improving the quality of life of rural people.

Determining the transport infrastructure as a fundamental factor to create a driving force for socio-economic development, contributing to the completion of targets in the construction of new countrysides, in the recent time, Kien Giang has always prioritized investment in perfecting the rural transport system. Up to now, 100% of the inland communes have motorways to the center; hamlet or inter-hamlet roads are asphalt or concrete; and the system of internal roads in the communes and inter-hamlets has been solidified. Irrigation systems have also been invested in upgrading and new construction, basically completed and synchronous, meeting the requirements of production development and daily life of the population. Power systems are invested to expand construction; the rate of households using safe electricity is 99.05%, reaching 99% of the 2020 plan. The system of electricity - roads - schools - stations has been invested and developed synchronously to support each other, creating a striking appearance for the countryside of the province; at the same time, meeting the requirements of socio-economic development, serving the production and living needs of the people. Policies on vocational training, job creation, income generation for rural workers, and collective economic development have also been prioritized to promote, contributing to improving the efficiency of production development  and income of rural people.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tam, Director of Kien Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said in the implementation of the scheme on restructuring the agricultural sector, the province had been focusing on the application, transfer of new seeds, cultivation techniques, production processes more adaptive to climate change; while VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards had also been strengthened; many large scale rice and shrimp farming areas are gradually formed. The movement of cooperation-cooperative economy has also been gradually developed. The province has 320 cooperatives with 28,611 members participating. In addition to effective business and production plans, the cooperatives also cooperate in production and synchronous application of scientific and technical solutions to help members save costs and improve efficiency in production.

The Party committees and the provincial authorities are also interested in leading and directing the implementation of vocational training and creating jobs for rural people. Every year, the job creation meets and exceeds the plan (from 35,000-40,000 laborers / year). The rural economic structure has shifted in a positive direction; The average income of rural people has been improved, reaching VND 46.2 million/ person / year, an increase of 1.57 times compared to 2015.

For nearly 10 years, Kien Giang has had no outstanding debts in building new rural areas; The rate of poor households has been decreased to 4.14% according to the multi-dimensional poverty criteria. Authorities at all levels are strengthened, operate more effectively and creating trust among people, while national defense and security, social order and safety have been maintained. This is a solid foundation and driving force for the province to continue effectively implementing the National Target Program to build new rural areas, striving to have at least 1 model new rural district by 2025 in Kien Giang, 100% communes meeting new rural standards, 30 advanced new rural communes and 5 model new rural communes.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum