Chau Son Industrial Park Offers Many Incentives for Investors

9:43:13 AM | 19/8/2020

Having all necessary elements of a modern industrial park, Chau Son Industrial Park, invested by VPID Ha Nam Co., Ltd., is considered an ideal location for domestic and foreign businesses seeking investment opportunities in Ha Nam.

The first advantage of Chau Son Industrial Park is its ideal location. It is located near the center of Phu Ly City, the capital of Ha Nam province; thus, it has a full range of services such as administration, restaurant, hotel and medicine (Bach Mai Hospital 2, Viet Duc Hospital 2, and Ha Nam Hospital). The quality of services for investors is always guaranteed. Lying near administration, tax and customs authorities, Chau Son Industrial Park is very convenient for investors to handle administrative documents and procedures. The internal traffic network was designed to be synchronous with external traffic routes such as National Highway 1A and Hanoi - Cau Gie - Ninh Binh Expressway. The park is 58 km from the heart of Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam, 85 km from Hai Phong City, and 85 km from international airports. It favorably connects with provinces, cities and major economic centers in the region. This advantage also helps tenants in Chau Son Industrial Park to save time and costs of transporting materials and exporting and importing goods.

To build Chau Son into a friendly industrial park of national and international standard, VPID Ha Nam focused resources to accelerate construction of a synchronous modern technical infrastructure system with road, telecom, power, water supply, wastewater treatment and fire protection facilities. Infrastructure service fees in Chau Son Industrial Park are lower, more competitive prices than other industrial zones in the province. The company provides maximum support, free of charge, for investors when they carry out investment procedures and administrative procedures. Investors are also assisted to recruit workers.

In the coming time, Chau Son Industrial Park will pay more attention to infrastructure investment and auxiliary works such as kindergartens, worker houses and entertainment places to improve material and spiritual life of workers. It will also focus on attracting investors with financial potential, high-tech equipment and environmentally friendly technology to hire the land.

The company will have investment promotion programs and introduce Chau Son Industrial Park to Japanese and Korean investors and corporations, and coordinate with other agencies to further reform investment and business administrative procedures, enabling them to start their projects soon. But, to attract investment in Chau Son Industrial Park, VPID Ha Nam will focus on project quality, scale and value. The company gives priority to projects that tap local potential and advantages, and use advanced technology.

Investor approach: Chau Son Industrial Park is a friendly destination for domestic and foreign investors, a trustworthy place for the investor community and an active contributor to the province’s industrialization and modernization.

In particular, investing in Chau Son Industrial Park, tenants also receive support from the provincial government. In recent years, the business investment environment in Ha Nam province has greatly improved. The province has further reformed and simplified administrative procedures to significantly support investors to quickly carry out investment licensing, business establishment and other administrative procedures to assure investors when they study investment opportunities and start business operations.

Planning information, project information, support and incentive policies are transparent and investors can search them through various information channels and means. The province will also concentrate on building human resources, timely responding to enterprises’ needs for workers (there are about 20 universities, colleges and vocational schools in the province).

Source: Vietnam Business Forum