Vietinbank Ha Nam Upholding Mainstay Role in Local Economy

10:56:42 AM | 24/8/2020

Thanks to right and creative directions, over the years, Vietinbank Ha Nam Branch has made positive progress and achieved outstanding and remarkable business performance in the past years.

While the economy is adversely affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the branch’s operations were also hurt to a certain extent. However, with its efforts and timely actions, Vietinbank Ha Nam overcame difficulties and managed to do effective and safe business. With the drastic leadership of the Executive Board, the business plan for 2020 was launched early, consistently and effectively. As of May 31, the funding source reached 97.5% of the yearly plan; the outstanding loans reached 105.3% of the plan; and the profit fulfilled 42.4% of the plan. Vietinbank Ha Nam’s outstanding loans and mobilized deposits accounted for 25% and 14%, respectively, of local market shares.

Given that its business operations are closely linked to local socioeconomic development goals, Vietinbank Ha Nam has provided outstanding financial services for individuals and organizations for many years. The branch has been developing the most modern information technology platform in the system and expanding a strong database for the launch of exceptional electronic banking products that feature contactless transactions like QR code payment, POS payment, iPay banking application for individual customers, eFAST banking services for businesses, and Vision FX software for foreign currency trading. In the near future, the branch will apply QR code to cash withdrawal services and apply biometric identity to transactions.

Closely following directions of the Government and the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), Vietinbank Ha Nam promptly implemented serious resolutions and directions, effectively supported customers, reviewed customer portfolio, rescheduled loan repayment terms and avoided downgrading corporate customers affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

In the course of construction and integration, Vietinbank Ha Nam has continuously supported the business community with practical programs such as SME customer support program, corporate customer support program and FDI customer support program. In addition to business, the branch has paid special attention to practical humanity programs. It has always striven to strongly innovate, successfully integrate into the world, and fulfill its responsibility to the community and society. Hoping to contribute its efforts to improve people’s life, the branch always cooperates with local businesses in social charity in the province.

The core values of Vietinbank culture are customer-oriented and perfection-sought. Core values are built right from the working environment, from employees themselves. By fostering the strength of customer services, Vietinbank continuously improves, and demonstrates its dynamism, creativity and modernity. As a major commercial lender, Vietinbank Ha Nam shows values through customer respect, honesty, integrity and professional ethics. With the aim of protecting and developing the brand, the branch always makes ongoing efforts to achieve important progress and sustainable development, while fulfilling the responsibility to the community and society.

Vietinbank’s cultural values are regularly instilled into all employees during corporate events. Every year, Vietinbank Ha Nam staff actively take part in the "Cultural Beauty of Vietinbank" Contest to learn new knowledge and methods to build and grow the cultural identity of Vietinbank to apply to Vietinbank Ha Nam, and spread its cultural values to the community by meeting all suitable needs of customers.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum