Entrepreneur Phan Thanh Phuong “Quality is the Life of the Business"

10:23:27 AM | 14/9/2020

Tingco Beverage Group has greatly changed in scale, status and position in beverage and canned food industries. During nearly two decades of development, “sweet fruits” reaped by Tingco are two plants in Dong Nai and one in Binh Dinh. However, above all else, the most valuable achievement is the trust of partners and customers for Tingco, from the motto "Quality is the life of the business".

Success from difference

Tingco was previously Tien Nga Food Processing Factory, established in 2002 in Dong Nai province. Later, to meet the social development tendency, the factory was upgraded to Tien Nga Production and Trade Co., Ltd. This step has become an important premise for it to expand investment and develop more business lines such as canned food and beverage production. Tingco-branded beverage products are well received by consumers; honored to be ranked Top 50 Vietnam leading brands in 2019 by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association (VIPA) and many other valuable awards. The company’s products are widely trusted by customers for quality, environmental protection and integrated ISO standards.

Entrepreneur Phan Thanh Phuong, Chairman of Tingco Beverage Group, said, “Soft drinks are a super competing sector where businesses must assert their quality and make a difference in products to survive and thrive in this industry. To make this difference, after conducting research, we decided not to use traditional bottle lines but chose large-neck bottles (neck 38) for our own design. Our researches showed that blended water flows are not good for consumer health. We focus on developing natural products such as coconut drink, pennywort drink, aloe vera drink, passion fruit, coconut aloe vera drink and tamarind juice, and we received consumer trust in both quality and style.”

As the first in the beverage industry to develop a 38-neck bottle line, since 2016, Tingco created a new trend in the beverage industry, especially the 38-neck aloe vera drink line that is welcomed by consumers, the hottest product on the market up to now. “This difference forces large companies to change their product development approaches and follow our products on the market. Therefore, many businesses have infringed upon our intellectual property rights and been fined by authorities,” said entrepreneur Phan Thanh Phuong.

Currently, given increasing market demand, the company seized opportunities and invested in Tingco Binh Dinh Beverage Factory in Industrial Zone A, Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. The facility has an annual processing capacity of over 36,500 tons of canned products and 175 million liters of soft drinks. Costing VND500 billion, the 8-ha factory, in which machinery is being installed, is expected to generate annual revenue of nearly VND3,000 billion and employ more than 500 workers. Tingco Binh Dinh beverage factory continues to develop bird-nest aloe vera product lines, coconut aloe vera and aloe vera products that meet ISO 9001-2015 standards. All products are checked from material input bought by the company to output sold to consumers.

The adoption of technology and quality management processes established according to the ISO 9001:2008 standards ensures that all products on the market are of high quality, delivered on time to customers. Applying automation technology also helps reduce loss in production. With well-invested large-scale production, backed by Tingco Beverage Group, Tingco Binh Dinh is certain to grow stronger and gradually assert its position as a producer of premium beverages and food products of international standard and affordable price. Its products conquer not only the Vietnamese market but also major markets in the world that impose strict requirements on product quality.

Leader virtues

With its development approach consistent with the open-door policy of the government, Tingco has continuously developed and grown to become a leading prestigious brand in the food and beverage industry. However, there would be no shining Tingo in the marketplace as now, if it were not led by entrepreneur Phan Thanh Phuong, Chairman of Tingco Beverage Group.

This talented leader’s secrets to success are simple: “Business must be honest, good products and services will have the market”. “Before making the investment, I used to work for FDI enterprises and work out market research and map out business plans with them. This made me understand that product quality is the core of business success. In business, we must know where we are and we must share sweet fruits with customers to grow sustainably,” he said.

Talking about Tingco Binh Dinh Factory, Phuong said, “I chose to produce soft drinks from natural ingredients, especially aloe vera. Economic efficiency, higher than dragon fruit, encourages farmers to grow aloe vera in Binh Thuan province. When investing in a factory in Binh Dinh province, my hometown, I hope that, together with the people here, I can get rich from a plant that withstands the harsh local climate to increase the value-added chain of products, expand the market, affirm the position of a Vietnamese brand that can compete with "sharks" in the beverage industry. In the coming time, I plan to buy some underperforming beverage producers and invest in new equipment and technology for them. That is how I build Tingco.”

Source: Vietnam Business Forum