TICCO Committed to Sustainable Development with the Locality

9:54:42 AM | 2/12/2020

Determined to constantly improve the quality of products and services to bring higher values to customers, partners and the community, and align business with responsibility to the locality, Tien Giang Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company (TICCO) has become one of leading brands in Tien Giang province and across the Mekong River Delta region.

Operational diversification

Currently, TICCO has six member companies engaged in three main business areas: Traffic and irrigation infrastructure construction; real estate business; and fresh and precast concrete production and supply. These fields closely interrelate and effectively support each other.

TICCO is always dedicated to providing the best products to consumers in any business it does. Especially in real estate construction and development, TICCO always takes the lead in applying advanced technology to environmentally friendly green and sustainable and construction projects, which are highly appreciated by partners and customers.

TICCO’s completed real estate projects include My Thanh Hung residential area, Trung An commercial residential area; Long Thanh Hung residential area and Truong Dinh residential area. Its ongoing projects comprise Gia Thuan 1 Industrial Complex; Gia Thuan 2 Industrial Complex, extended Nguyen Trai Street and residential areas on both sides; and extended Nguyen Trong Dan Street and residential areas on both sides.

These projects together with others confirmed the right development investment approach of the company. In particular, the effect of its projects is significant to industrialization, modernization, urbanization, investment attraction, and social security in the province.

To help Tien Giang province draw more investors, TICCO was assigned by the Provincial People's Committee to invest in infrastructure of 50-ha Gia Thuan 1 Industrial Complex, with a scale of 50 ha. Kicked off in 2018, the infrastructure construction was already completed. The company has cooperated with relevant agencies to promote investment into the industrial complex. Currently, Global Running Co., Ltd is building a footwear and accessories factory, covering more than 10.4 ha, in the complex and planning to bring it into operation in early 2021. The factory is expected to attract more than 5,000 local workers.

TICCO is making land compensation for site clearance to build the 50-ha Gia Thuan 2 Industrial Complex. Infrastructure construction is scheduled to be kicked off in 2021 and to attract secondary investors in mid-2022.

The difficulties in construction of Gia Thuan 1 and Gia Thuan 2 industrial complexes are land issues, compensation for land owners and environmental impact reports, among others. However, TICCO actively coordinated with relevant agencies to solve difficulties to fulfil its commitments to the Provincial People's Committee.

Aligning sustainable development

Mr. Vu Huy Giap, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TICCO, said that the COVID-19 epidemic has seriously spoiled the global economy, including Vietnam. Not being out of this storm, TICCO has been affected and witnessed revenue decline in real estate business and concrete production.

“In order to gradually resume stable operations and development, we soon introduced measures to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic like strictly following the Government's guidance on COVID-19 prevention, working out action plans and scenarios to adapt to market and societal fluctuations,” he said.

Besides, against the backdrop of intensive international integration, TICCO always strives to maintain the brand prestige, improve personnel quality, promote IT application and build corporate culture. In particular, the first task is to strengthen financial capacity and deliver stable development and sustainable growth.

In addition, the company gives priority to much investment in high-performing areas like real estate and concrete business. At the same time, the firm strengthens human resource management training in a bid to build an elite workforce which is always enthusiastic and dedicated to the company’s growth; and promotes IT application and digital transformation to meet business development requirements and build TICCO culture.

During its operation, TICCO has always paid attention to creating a safe working and living environment for employees and communities surrounding its headquarters, factories and projects. It adopts efficient water consumption, energy conservation and strictly complies with environmental protection laws.

Furthermore, with a humanitarian culture, TICCO actively supports and pioneers carrying out social security programs in the locality like taking care of Vietnamese heroic mothers and sponsoring funds for poor patients, funds for the poor, and funds for Agent Orange victims. It also organizes visits and gives gifts to poor people during major holidays and builds houses for people with recognized sacrifice to the nation or for the poor.

“We always take social security as a bridge to create cohesion and share with the community for mutual development. Importantly, through these activities, TICCO has built a good image in the community,” he added.

In recent years, thanks to the care and support of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee, the local investment and business environment has been greatly improved. Leaders at all levels and across all sectors are always ready to listen and support us to deal with difficulties we are facing.

In my opinion, in order to raise the investment attraction effect in the coming years, the province should pay more attention to site clearance and land compensation; further reform administrative procedures; and invest in improving transport infrastructure and developing logistics services.

Board Chairman of TICCO – An Agricultural Engineer Dedicated to Public Health

Source: Vietnam Business Forum