Thien Loc Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company: Position Elevated by Each Project

10:49:29 AM | 3/12/2020

Founded in 2009 from the merger of three independent construction teams, Thien Loc Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company has become a strong real estate brand in the country. In addition to its head office in Hanoi, the company has branches and transaction offices in Hanoi, Bien Hoa City (Dong Nai province) and Song Cong city (Thai Nguyen province).

Glorious history

After more than a decade of development, Thien Loc has so far affirmed its capacity, prestige and brand in the construction investment, traffic, and real estate fields. This achievement is a strong driving force for the company to achieve more impressive outcomes in the coming time.

Mr. Vu Van Truong, Chairman and General Director of Thien Loc Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company, said, “Although we are very successful, we are not self-satisfied but always strive to improve our company’s stature and value. In the coming time, the Executive Board and all the staff will strive to consolidate development and promote achieved results, focus on intensive construction and infrastructure investment projects, constantly renovate business methods, stabilize spiritual and material life and increase income for employees, enabling the company to gain more success in the future and steadily conquer new heights.”

Besides, the company also pays special attention to human resources development. With its own experience, the company always understands that nothing can replace human intelligence. The company’s human resources are streamlined, qualified, professional and stable. To switch focus on investment, in 2017, Thien Loc merged the Project Investment - Management Department and Engineering Construction Department into the Engineering - Project Department.

Division leaders are well-qualified and capable to perform best work and achieve sustainable development for the company. The prerequisite for Thien Loc to obtain these elements is focusing on improving employees’ lives each year. Reportedly, in addition to paying an average monthly income of VND13 million to an employee, the company fully complies with regulations on health insurance, social insurance and other employees’ interests.

Every month, besides the basic salary, high performing employees are awarded performance bonuses, with the highest rate equal to their one-month salary. Employees are entitled to free lunch and four uniforms a year. They are rewarded a one-month bonus on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. Employees going on business are granted travel expenses. Technicians are given special allowances.

Moreover, Thien Loc always supports community development as it donates a handsome amount of money for local social activities such as visiting and giving gifts to policy beneficiaries. Every year, the company’s leaders spend time visiting families with meritorious services and poor people, especially in localities where Thien Loc has projects, to present gifts and encourage them to contribute more to national construction. Besides, in addition to optimistic revenue growth, the company’s tax payment has increased significantly.

Thien Loc - Song Cong Urban Area is attractive to investors

Since its launch, Thien Loc - Song Cong Urban Area has quickly caught the fancy of many customers and become a peaceful residential area and the most attractive profitable investment in the region. Having convenient access to the traffic system, including National Highway 3, Hanoi - Thai Nguyen Expressway and Hanoi - Quan Trieu Railway, and lying in a buffer zone between the Red River Delta and the northern midland, Thien Loc - Song Cong Urban Area is considered a gateway for trade and a transit point for economic regions in the north of Hanoi and southern provinces of the northern highland and mountainous region.

To create a comfortable, top-class residence in Song Cong city, right after the project was launched, Thien Loc completed meticulous planning to create a green-based complex consisting of restaurants, supermarkets, kindergartens, cultural houses, offices for rent and community sports areas to bring comfortable life and meet the study and entertainment needs of residents.

Currently, more than 90% of infrastructure has been completed. Many families have already moved in. Therefore, customers only need to sign purchase contracts to start housing construction or to lease land. For investors, this is considered the most appropriate time to buy the property for short-term or long-term investment to make a profit, because of high liquidity.

As a well-reputed experienced real estate developer, Thien Loc has fulfilled its commitments to customers in progress, construction quality, and expressed its high responsibility in completing legal procedures so that customers will receive the ownership certificate right after the land purchase deal is signed. Thus, in addition to possessing well-positioned, profitable real estate, customers can be assured when they are guaranteed with the highest legal values.

Besides, ongoing Mo Bach Central Hills, located in Quang Vinh Ward and Quang Trung Ward, Thai Nguyen City, is invested by Thien Loc Company in cooperation with Anh Thang Mineral and Real Estate Co., Ltd. Covering 7.1 ha, the project consists of 142 semidetached houses and 92 villas, expected to be a blockbuster property in 2020 and create a new rush, not only for the Thai Nguyen market but also for northern provinces along Hanoi. This affirms Thien Loc’s right approach on the road to success.

Having gone through numerous difficulties, with the business acumen of the leadership and the unanimous consensus of employees, Thien Loc continues to fulfill and exceed business plans and targets. It is expected that under the direction of Chairman and General Director Vu Van Truong, a talented and determined leader, Thien Loc Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company will go even further.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum