Winning Global Markets with High Technology Materials

9:59:47 AM | 4/12/2020

Masan High-Tech Materials (MHT) is one of the largest integrated industrial chemical and mineral producers in Vietnam. The Nui Phao polymetallic mine (in Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province) managed and operated by MHT is the first large-scale tungsten mine successfully launched and put into production in the past 20 years. MHT is currently adopting the world’s best practices to continuously grow and expand its business to increase shareholder equity value. MHT brings together well-qualified and experienced experts working in international and regional environments. These enthusiasts are proving to the world that a Vietnamese company can lead the transformation of the global tungsten market.

With the “From Vietnam's strategic resources to global high-tech materials” vision, after 10 years of development, Masan High-Tech Materials has successfully transformed from a mining company to a global supplier of high-tech materials. Its product lines are key elements in supply chains of high-tech companies, integrated into ongoing innovations in semiconductor materials, 3D printing, robotics, electric cars, renewable energy, medicine and aerospace. In June 2020, Masan High-Tech Materials announced the completion of the acquisition of H.C.Starck Group GmbH (HCS)’s global tungsten business. The acquisition will provide Masan High-Tech Materials with state-of-the-art manufacturing centers in each of key market areas such as NAFTA, EU and APAC, with manufacturing facilities in Canada, Germany and China; a world-class recycling platform that is scalable across all business locations. Currently, combined with existing product lines and expanded categories, the company is able to create a firm position as it is making an operating profit thanks to the prospective increasing demand for its product lines such as high-tech materials used to support technological advances; meet industrial infrastructure needs of rapid urbanization in many developing countries; and serve infrastructure improvement programs in developed countries.

At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on June 29, 2020, the company announced changing its name from Masan Resources Joint Stock Company (MSR) to Masan High-Tech Materials Joint Stock Company in order to demonstrate its new vision and aspirations. This strategic step aimed to make Masan High-Tech Materials a manufacturer of high-tech industrial materials based on a cross-integrated value chain. This can help the company create a stable cash flow through market cycles and while expanding the output market by 3.5 times, from US$1.3 billion to US$4.6 billion. Following the acquisition of tungsten business from H.C. Starck, in October 2020, Masan High-Tech Materials and Mitsubishi Materials (MMC) established a strategic alliance under which the former received an investment of US$90 million from the Japanese corporation for 10% of stake in the latter. The partnership with MMC, a strategic partner, reinforces MHT's transition to a vertically integrated high-tech tungsten platform. Through this cooperation agreement, MMC will make great contributions while both MHT and MMC, at the same time, will be in a favorable position to jointly develop innovative solutions with outstanding effects for end customers, thus promoting the growth of both sides.

Following the completion of the strategic investment agreement, the two sides will discuss development of an independent business unit to leverage and strengthen the synergy of each party's near-deep processing tungsten platform to provide customers with outstanding and flexible solutions for a strategically integrated value chain, a critical factor for sustainable growth, especially in the tungsten sector. As one of strong tungsten platforms with a steady supply of primary materials (refined) and secondary materials (recycled), processed into tungsten oxide, tungsten powder and tungsten carbide of the best quality, MHT prides itself on being a supplier of innovative and advanced products. MHT's success is also confirmed by the combination of a world-class research and development foundation, and a force of dedicated and expert application engineers capable of developing products that satisfy technical and technological requirements to meet ever-changing needs of customers.

Besides business performance, Masan High-Tech Materials always focuses on social development goals. Keeping its commitment to the community, in 2019, MHT paid more than VND1,200 billion, its all-time high, to the State Budget and focused on working with the community and partners to support addressing local sustainable development challenges. One success story about economic recovery for local people toward sustainable development is promoting the role of the Economic Recovery Loan Fund. In 2019, the company disbursed VND3.9 billion into the Economic Recovery Loan Fund and pro-community economic recovery programs through close coordination with neighboring local communities.

Masan High-Tech Materials always sets business goals together with environmental protection goals. At MHT, all wastewater monitoring stations are automatically connected to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Thai Nguyen province, with monitoring and tracking data directly transmitted to the department’s database. At the same time, the company steps up community information transparency programs. Each year, it welcomes nearly 800 visitors sightseeing and seeking to learn the company's operations.

Nui Phao mine is forecast to be one of the largest tungsten mines in the world by leading mining analysts, with a proven potential ore reserve of 66 million tons (according to the Mining License: 83,220,000 tons of tungsten - polymetallic ore).

Besides, MHT specially takes care of its employees’ life. The company continues to focus on training and workplace health, improve the capacity of medical staff and fire staff to ensure that all workers return home safely and stay healthy after every day of work.

2020 is a difficult and challenging year, but MHT has managed to obtain achievements thanks to ongoing efforts of all employees, and support, cooperation and trust of partners, government agencies, local communities and stakeholders. Expectations, encouragement and support from all parties are a great source of motivation for Masan High-Tech Materials to steadily move on the journey of building a sustainable future for Vietnam's mining industry, as well as the global high-tech materials industry.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum