Promoting Treasury Management

10:16:47 AM | 4/12/2020

Steadfast to local socioeconomic development goals, the State Treasury of Thai Nguyen province has figured out development directions, effectively managed the local financial sector, thus contributing to the province’s overall achievements.

Adhering to guidelines and solutions of the treasury development strategy of the State Treasury of Vietnam to 2020, the State Treasury of Thai Nguyen has successfully completed its political and professional tasks and made important contributions to local socioeconomic development, expressed in the following contents:

It has actively and closely worked with budget collectors in the province to make quick, full and accurate revenue records at all levels; and provided regular and continuous budget collection data to competent agencies for budget collection management at all levels.

State Treasury of Thai Nguyen has controlled State budget expenditures in a strict, timely and proper manner; stringently supervised recurrent expenses such as expenses for official events and overseas business trips in the context of applying measures to prevent and combat Covid-19 epidemic as directed by the government; and made quick, timely and accurate payment of State revenues and expenditures.

It has made periodic and daily reports to State Treasury leaders and the Provincial People’s Committee for state budget administration and promoted its advising role in State budget revenue and expenditure administration.

State Treasury of Thai Nguyen has tightened discipline and upheld responsibility and accountability of agency leaders; improved the sense of responsibility of public servants for expenditure control; resolutely handled acts of harassment of public officials and employees in payment of state budget expenditures; and arranged and streamlined the apparatus in addition to modernizing management technology in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations as directed by the State Treasury and the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam.

With its roles, functions and duties, the State Treasury of Thai Nguyen has adopted many solutions to facilitate businesses and investors using State budget by grasping their problems in payment to propose prompt solutions to the State Treasury of Vietnam and the Thai Nguyen Provincial People's Committee; reduced the time of spending and payment control by launching the centralized bilateral payment system with commercial banks, inter-treasury electronic payment and interbank electronic payment.

State Treasury of Thai Nguyen has regularly coordinated with investors and project management units to speed up project implementation, solve difficulties in budget disbursement and payment; organized conferences on State budget expenditure control with investors and project management units in the province to remove problems they face. Besides, the branch has focused on training and fostering expenditure control expertise for employees and, at the same time, strictly handled employees showing signs of harassment in performing public duties, because personnel is an important factor in solving work, procedures and records to shape an enabling business environment for investors.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum