Science and Technology - Main Driving Force for Socioeconomic Development

10:17:39 AM | 4/12/2020

Scientific research and technology transfer for real life are key to socioeconomic development. In order to realize this goal, Thai Nguyen province has upheld scientific research and technology transfer to meet the practical requirements of life.


Mr. Pham Quoc Chinh, Director of the Department of Science and Technology, said, “The province has obtained great scientific and technological achievements that support local socioeconomic development in the 2016-2020 period. According to statistical data, the sector’s total factor productivity (TFP) to the province's economic growth reached an average of 53.24% in the 2016 - 2020 period, higher than the national average. That showed that Thai Nguyen’s economic growth was more substantial and more sustainable.

Mr. Pham Quoc Chinh, Director of the Department of Science and Technology

Over the past time, scientific and technological research, application and development have produced positive impacts on business performance in the province. Over 95% of scientific and technological tasks have directly supported production development, improved productivity and product quality and value. Especially, the Thai Nguyen Provincial People’s Committee and Thai Nguyen University advanced scientific research and transfer to 2020. The total budget for the program was VND100 billion, of which the provincial budget accounted for 70%. The program is aimed to promote local potential and advantages, create breakthroughs in application and transfer of scientific and technical advances, and practically and effectively contribute to local social and economic development.

The department has successfully carried out all scientific and technological tasks in the Thai Nguyen Genetic Fund Project in 2014-2020 and is rated the best performer of these tasks by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Currently, the genetic resources conservation and development project in 2021 - 2025 has been approved by the Provincial People's Committee.

The province will develop intellectual property for local specialties. Currently, 19 local specialties are protected by intellectual property rights (one geographical indication, 16 collective trademarks and two certification marks). In particular, Thai Nguyen Tea collective trademark has been protected in the United States, China and Taiwan, and currently registered for protection in Russia and South Korea, helping improve product quality and value and expand consumption markets for local specialties.

Startups and innovations are encouraged in various forms. Many startup and innovation events were successfully organized like the startup initiative contest launched by Thai Nguyen University.

Administrative reform has been well implemented and highly appreciated. For many consecutive years, it was ranked top among provincial agencies in administrative reform.

Promoting application of science and technology

Indeed, scientific and technological activities originate from real-life demands.

Scientific and technological projects in agriculture, forestry and rural development are closely based on the province's agricultural and rural development orientations. Research contents focus on high-yield crops and livestock and new technologies, helping restructure the agricultural sector and form commercial production areas to increase economic value. For example, the technology is successfully applied to the freshwater pearl culture. This is a new highly economic model that results in tourism development and generates a new profession for local people. Scientific and technological application is effective to improve crops and livestock like rice, soybean and sturgeon to create valuable agricultural products that facilitate agricultural restructuring.

New research, applications and techniques are highlighted successes in medicine. Typical projects include the open-heart surgery application project, the in vitro fertilization research project and the living kidney transplant project. Especially, in early 2020, Thai Nguyen province successfully researched and manufactured SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus test kits using Realtime PCR technique when Vietnam and the world were fighting against Covid-19 pandemic. Thai Nguyen province will put this research result into production for anti-pandemic work soon.

Research results in social sciences and humanities have provided scientific arguments for local socioeconomic development and cultural identity preservation and development. Some typical research projects include compiling Thai Nguyen Dictionary, studying new teaching methodologies for Geography and Literature for high school teachers, building socioeconomic development theses, and assessing the provincial competitiveness of Thai Nguyen province and the role of Samsung Group.

To promote its achievements, the Department of Science and Technology will further improve the leadership of the Party Committee; build a contingent of dynamic and creative Party members and government employees who are professional and dedicated to political tasks; and renovate management to make strong scientific and technological development steps in 2020-2025. The department will will effectively accelerate administrative reform, focusing on all five areas: Advising on building mechanisms and policies to promote scientific and technological activities; consolidating and streamlining the organizational structure for better performance; improving the quality of human resources; renovating financial and accounting management and administration; accelerating the application of advanced management technology, improving the quality of public services; and completing scientific and technological development goals in 2017-2025. The department will stimulate scientific and technological startups and support local businesses in standards, metrologies, quality, intellectual property and technology transfer.

With the strong evolution of Industry 4.0, before integration and development requirements, technology development trends will be aligned with building a smart, modern production based on scientific and technological progress. Science, technology and innovation will be main driving forces for growth and development. With high political determination in the Party Committee, the Department of Science and Technology will work harder together for better socioeconomic development of the province.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum