Business Support for Market Entry

10:20:26 AM | 16/12/2020

In the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) Rankings 2019, Bac Ninh's Market Entry index scored 6.88 points, a sharp decrease from 2018 and previous years.

Although some component indicators have improved over 2018, including new business registration time and updated business registration time, some indicators are not highly appreciated such as publicity of procedures of updated business registration, clear and full instructions on updated business registration procedures delivered by the staff at the service and staff with professional expertise and IT knowledge. To improve the Market Entry Index, the Department of Planning and Investment is advising and carrying out many solutions.

Stepping up administrative reform

The department promotes publicity of administrative procedures under its jurisdiction on its website and at the Bac Ninh Public Administration Center; publicizes detailed business registration administrative procedures at the Bac Ninh Public Administration Center and ensures publicity, transparency and favorable conditions for people and businesses to access legal documents.

The department further simplifies administrative procedures and reduces the time of handling administrative procedures for enterprises; coordinates with the Bac Ninh Public Administration Center to receive and settle application forms and deliver settlement results; receives, settles and delivers results of administrative procedure settlement within the day for a number of procedures such as notification of corporate seal registration, notification of changes in tax information and bank account, re-issuance of business registration certificate.

The department also further renovates working methods, enhances transparency of resolving public affairs for people and businesses, ensures that all administrative work is publicized, considered, handled and solved promptly and exactly. At the same time, it improves the manner and attitude of civil servants as they serve enterprises.

It attaches importance to enhancing the quality of civil servants by providing them training courses and legal updates, improving their professional knowledge and qualifications; and fostering and raising responsibility, discipline, office culture and public service ethics.

While accelerating administrative modernization and applying information technology to work management (like using the National Information System for Business Registration and National Water Investment Information System, National Information System for Cooperative Registration, etc.), applying online public service software and document management software, the department provides services of Level 3 and Level 4 for a number of administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the department and reviews and supplements administrative procedures of Level 4.

Increasing business support

In the coming time, the Department of Planning and Investment coordinates with other departments and branches to strongly carry out business support projects and programs:

The province coordinates with relevant bodies and localities to effectively implement the Bac Ninh SME Support Project in 2020-2025, under which newly established businesses enjoy many policies, including business location support, tax registration support, invoice registration, free digital signature, and postal service support for delivery of administrative settlement results.

The department also coordinates with a number of joint stock commercial banks in providing bank accounts for newly registered enterprises; receives applications and delivers business registration results for free by post; and works with concerned units to improve the effect of business support at the Provincial Business Support Working Group and the “Business Doctor” model. It hosts annual meetings and dialogues with businesses to know and solve their hardships; and promptly encourages and rewards well performing businesses in the province.

Besides, the department provides consistent solutions to effectively prevent and handle red tape; strictly complies with regulations on citizen reception; and enhances the responsibility and accountability of unit leaders in public service.

In addition, the Department of Planning and Investment regularly directs the Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center to actively boost business support by delivering consulting services such as free information consultation for domestic and foreign enterprises seeking to learn about investment and business procedures and providing further support and consultations after they get investment licenses.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum