Vinh Long Young Entrepreneurs’ Association Contributes to the Development of Locality

10:04:59 AM | 22/12/2020

Over the past years, the Vinh Long Young Entrepreneurs’ Association (Vinh Long YEA) has played its role of connecting its members and the provincial authority. Proposals to remove difficulties in investment, operation, production and business were promptly addressed by provincial leaders and agencies. The Association has accompanied businesses in the area.

Business development

Vinh Long YEA is a voluntary socio-professional organization of enterprises of all economic sectors operating in production and business in Vinh Long province. During its operation, the Association always adheres to the following objectives: gathering the business community, protecting the rights and legal benefits of members, operating business in accordance with the law, improving social responsibility, contributing to the province's socio-economic development, organizing forums, dialogues and synthesizing opinions and aspirations of businesses to submit to provincial authority.

In recent years, the Association has become more and more effective in terms of organization and operation. It regularly implements consulting activities, supporting member enterprises to develop. Membership development has always been a focus, and there are now more than 80 members.

In addition, the Association often propagates the Party's guidelines and state policies and laws in production and business, promotes the startup movement, promotes the spirit of creativity; and develops corporate culture and business ethics to support each other and actively participate in social work.

In the coming time, the Association will continue to promote membership development; promote businesses to grow, have high turnover, wide scope of operation, and raise income for workers. Especially, the Association will strengthen the organization of promotion activities, promote the brand and products of the enterprise; and encourage and connect members to use each other's products and services for mutual development.

For better PCI

The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Vinh Long in recent years has been gradually raised. Especially in 2019, Vinh Long PCI reached 71.30 points, ranking 3rd out of 63 provinces and cities (up 5 places compared to 2018).

Mr. Nguyen Tuong Nam, Chairman of Vinh Long YEA, commented that in recent years, efforts of industries and levels to improve business investment environment, solve difficulties for businesses/investors and support startups have helped improve the confidence of business in the authority. Procedures linked to businesses and favorable environmental conditions are improved and many supportive policies are implemented.

However, Mr. Nam is still concerned about the fact that the number of enterprises in the province remains limited. There are very few businesses having production chains and value chains to create the end-to-end products to exploit the province's capacity and strengths.

Why has the province not made breakthroughs in this area, even though it has high competitiveness? Mr. Nam said that in order to create a breakthrough, the province does not rely solely on position, functions, policy priorities and favorable conditions, but highlights its unique cultural and social features created by the will of people.

"The driving force for sustainable economic growth is not only the value of capital, resources and mechanisms, but also needs elements of social culture and entrepreneurial spirit," Mr. Nam said.

We need to start from the human factor. The people must be aware of their values, responsibilities, creativity and action. At the same time, Vinh Long must be built as a land worth living in, worth investing in, with a civilized and green environment.

Thus, the administrative agencies and policy making body must be secure with high efficiency, fast and transparent execution based on the spirit of construction. In addition, businesses must have a long term strategy, entrepreneurs have higher aspirations and startup forces must promote their strength.

"Through activities such as media and communication, we must highlight the land and people of Vinh Long," Mr. Nguyen Tuong Nam emphasized.

By Thien Thanh, Vietnam Business Forum