Entrepreneur Dang Khanh Duy and His Journey to Lift Tay Ninh Rice Paper

10:25:37 AM | 26/4/2021

In just a short time, Tan Nhien rice paper made by Tan Nhien Co., Ltd (based in Hoa Thanh town, Tay Ninh province) has affirmed its brand name, not only among domestic customers but also consumers around the world. This success came from bold thinking and actions to bring this organic foodstuff of the best quality to consumers as desired by Director Dang Khanh Duy.


Dang Khanh Duy was born in 1988 in the countryside of Dong Nai province. After graduating from the high school, he went to Ho Chi Minh City to seek a chance to change his life. At that time, he worked as a waiter and studied for the university entrance exam. Despite failing this exam, he decided to follow a hotel management course at a vocational training school in Ho Chi Minh City to gain a career for his life or simply improve his knowledge.

He met his better half in his early days of study when he also had to work hard for a living. In 2012, he got married and went to his wife’s home in Truong Dong commune, Hoa Thanh town, Tay Ninh province. Her family lived on tapioca flour processing that served the food industry.

Duy was responsible for production, distribution and marketing. When working there, he thought that he could be making end products for customers instead of selling materials to distant buyers.

He discussed what he had thought with his wife and they asked their parents for permission to open their own rice paper production facilities, next to the family’s tapioca factory. At first, seeing Duy and his wife were hasty and thinking they could not be successful with their approach, their parents opposed to Duy’s business affairs. But, before his determination plus his well-made business plans and goals to make locally distinctive rice paper, they were totally convinced.

In 2018, Duy and his wife spent every single penny on their business and borrowed money from their relatives to scale up. They commenced to build factories and recruit workers. With the availability of organic materials of clear origin and no transportation costs, he managed to utilize these advantages to sharpen product competitiveness.

Tan Nhien Co., Ltd started making rice paper from that time.

Previously, rice paper in Tay Ninh was made manually and unbranded. It needed to be dipped into water to be softened for easy intaking. He studied the recipe and calibrated machinery to make much thinner rice paper which could be eaten without being dipped into water for softening.

Tan Nhien rice paper is produced in a modern process. Inputs are of clear origin and free from chemicals to ensure hygiene and safety. In addition, the product is well-designed, well-addressed and well-packaged. It carries traditional taste although there is no need to dip it in the water for softening and easier intaking as before.

With price advantages on input materials, Tan Nhien was quickly well received by domestic and external customers.

Rolls of full love

Currently, the company can make 8 - 10 tons of products a day. Not only being sold well in Tay Ninh province, Tan Nhien rice paper has secured its presence in most southern provinces thanks to its strategy for effective distribution and agency development.

Rice paper is associated with Tay Ninh people as it can be served with pork, butter and other mixtures. Tan Nhien rice paper quickly becomes an indispensable dish of local people during pubic holidays because it can be easily combined with other ingredients like meat, salad and vermicelli. Besides, this specialty helps increase the delicious taste of accompanying ingredients.

Especially, since August 2020, Tan Nhien Company started exporting its products to South Korea and Taiwan. Recently, the company has boosted rice paper export to the United States, Australia and Japan.

To bring organic products of clear origin to domestic customers, Tan Nhien Company signed a product distribution agreement some supermarket systems. Selling products on e-commerce sites has also obtained many positive results, reviews, and positive feedback from customers.

Achieving initial goals enabled Dang Khanh Duy to have a successful business startup with a local product. He is one of excellent young entrepreneurs starting a business in 2019. Tan Nhien rice paper won the Vietnam agricultural gold brand in 2020, a prominent rural industrial product in 2019, Top 50 strong national brands in 2019 and 4-star OCOP product.

Currently, Tan Nhien Company has over 200 employees. The company is also famous for its charitable activities like distributing free masks to prevent COVID-19 Pandemic, building free food stalls for poor people, donating cars for rescue teams, and supporting poor students.

Just three years after starting a business, Dang Khanh Duy built a famous brand name, Tan Nhien rice paper. His efforts to raise the value of local specialties and bring delicious food of high quality to many people in the country and abroad have demonstrated his determination for better.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum