Speeding up Urbanization Planning

10:05:19 AM | 5/5/2021

Construction planning plays an important role in urban space, infrastructure and landscape development. Therefore, the Department of Construction of Quang Nam province has stepped up urbanization planning and development to facilitate industrialization and modernization.

Planning, design and construction management has achieved remarkable results in recent years. Specialized urban areas such as industrial cities and ecological cities for tourism and entertainment development have been gradually formed. Hoi An and Cu Lao Cham are tourism and service centers of the province. Dien Nam and Dien Ngoc new urban areas can draw a lot of resources for tourism, golf, industry and education development.

In 2020, amid enormous difficulties caused by epidemics, natural disasters, storms, floods and landslides, the Department of Construction made every effort to complete all assigned tasks. The department also focused on advising the Provincial People's Committee on planning tasks for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050. Determining that improving urban planning and development quality is a cross-cutting task of the construction sector, the department actively advised and carried out instructions of the Provincial People's Committee, closely coordinated with localities to carry out urban planning in districts and communes to create investment resources for infrastructure construction for socioeconomic development; strictly complied with regulations on planning-based construction licensing, especially in Tam Ky, Hoi An, Dien Ban and central urban areas of districts. The Department of Construction also worked with District People's Committees to strengthen planning-based construction and management. The authority also paid attention to managing infrastructure, housing and real estate market; administering construction; and inspecting construction.

Besides, the Department of Construction focused on reforming administrative procedures, facilitating enterprises and improving the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI). Thanks to close and drastic direction from department leaders and the determination of specialized agencies, the quality of administrative procedure settlement at the Department of Construction has been improved with the adoption of the single-window mechanism and the ISO 9001 -2015 quality standards. The Department published 100% of administrative procedures under its jurisdiction on the website. At the same time, it reviewed legal documents concerning construction (enacted, repealed, replaced) to promptly make supplements and revisions and notify businesses and individuals. It continued to enhance information technology application and effectively deploy software in document management.

The Department of Construction also held meetings with individuals and organizations on administrative complaints and settlement. At these events, leaders of the department and specialized agencies directly answered questions and figured out difficulties and other issues relating to regulations on administrative procedures and settlement in the following fields: planning - architecture, construction, construction quality control, judicial assessment of construction, urban development, building materials, houses, offices and real estate business. Recommendations for improved quality of administrative complaint settlement at the Department of Construction provided an opportunity for the department to get feedback from individuals and agencies, from which they propose appropriate solutions for higher quality of administrative reform in the construction sector.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum