COVID-19 Vaccination Is Best Solution to Protect “Green Zones” in IPs

11:42:06 AM | 11/11/2021

Vaccinating workers in industrial parks is considered the best solution to ensure safety in production and business activities, prevent the risk of disease contagion in industrial parks, and help fulfill the "dual goals" of Vinh Phuc province.

Industrial parks are one of the factors that fulfill the "dual goals" for economic development, but the COVID-19 virus spreads very quickly there. Being aware of this reality, Vinh Phuc leaders have focused on ensuring safety for production, protecting "green zones" early, with the top priority placed on early pandemic prevention and control measures in industrial parks, based on the point of view that "each company" is a "fortress against the pandemic" and their production and business activities are kept normal in the new adaptive context.

Vinh Phuc province has accelerated COVID-19 vaccinations and prioritized vaccinations for workers in industrial parks. Given limited vaccines distributed to the province, besides frontline forces against the pandemic, Vinh Phuc always gives priority to vaccines for workers whenever available. Out of a total of nearly 400,000 vaccine doses allocated to Vinh Phuc province by the Ministry of Health, the province has reserved 100,000 doses for workers in industrial parks, accounting for a quarter of all vaccine doses.

By the end of September 2021, 331 tenants in Vinh Phuc industrial parks hired more than 116,000 employees. As of October 5, 2021, more than 93,500 workers were proposed for COVID-19 vaccinations by the Vinh Phuc Management Board of Industrial Parks. Among them, more than 1,000 workers were fully vaccinated while the rest have not yet received the second dose. If only workers in industrial parks proposed for vaccination by the Management Board of Industrial Parks and vaccinated by the health sector are counted, the vaccination rate will reach 86% (based on all 100,000 doses allocated and vaccinated). In addition, some industrial park workers were vaccinated in localities where they reside, bringing the vaccination rate of all workers in industrial parks to over 90%. Unvaccinated workers are largely people with high blood pressure, pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

The focused and accelerated priority of COVID-19 vaccination for workers in industrial parks has motivated and encouraged workers and tenants to rest assured to continue manufacturing, supply products on schedule, maintain the market and boost reputation to partners and customers.

(Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks’ Authority)