Bac Kan Business Association Offers Many Practical Business Support Solutions

9:30:43 AM | 23/12/2021

Bac Kan Business Association has promoted its bridging role for governmental agencies and local businesses, helped improve the business investment environment, and enhance corporate competitiveness. Our reporter has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Kim Hung, Standing Vice Chairman, General Secretary of Bac Kan Business Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kim Nam Group. Duy Binh reports.

How has the Bac Kan Business Association promoted its role of gathering and bridging businesses and the government and protecting its members' interests?

Created to bridge the business community and governmental agencies and enable cooperation among its member companies of all economic sectors in order to improve business capabilities and competitiveness in the integrated economy, the association promptly captures opinions and suggestions from its members through information channels such as email and phone; transfer them to the Provincial People's Council and the Provincial People's Committee for consideration and settlement.

Before hardships against enterprises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bac Kan Business Association has actively contacted its members to learn about their situations. A lot of difficulties have been reported to relevant bodies and many solutions to such problems have been recommended and proposed by the association. The association reported to the Provincial People's Committee to assist in solving matters in connection with reduction of land rental prices, electricity prices for hotels, and lump-sum tax for cruise ships; building suitable tourism products; advocating debt restructuring, delayed debt repayment and interest subsidy for bank loans.

On October 31, at the Congress of Bac Kan Business Association (4th term, 2021 - 2026), leaders of Bac Kan province and other attendants pressed the start button to officially put the Bac Kan e-commerce platform,, into operation. Would you mind telling us more about this e-commerce platform?

To help local businesses access opportunities to find and expand consumption markets and bring their products and brands to more domestic and foreign consumers, and help develop the local business community, on October 31, 2021, the Bac Kan Business Association and provincial officials pressed the start button to officially put the Bac Kan e-commerce platform into operation.

The Bac Kan e-commerce platform ( is an electronic trading center for businesses, cooperatives, business households in Bac Kan and other provinces nationwide. The system is integrated with exchanged information, products and services for sale, enabling high-value e-commerce transactions in a safe and secure manner.

Bac Kan e-commerce exchange is designed to promote and distribute Bac Kan province's OCOP products to customers in Vietnam and Europe in the digital environment; help producers manage product and service information; and help buyers easily trace product origins with integrated traceability solutions. At the same time, it helps businesses distribute products at the lowest cost by integrating payment and logistics solutions; provides an information service portal that connects support systems for settlement of administrative procedures on tariffs, customs and transportation, making domestic and foreign trade in merchandise simple and lawful. Since then, the platform leads Bac Kan economy to groundbreaking and sustainable development and boosts the service trade development of Bac Kan.

What solutions should Bac Kan take to attract investment flows more effectively?

The province advocates selectively attracting investors with sufficient potential and quality projects to create ripple effects on local socioeconomic development.

To attract more investors, Bac Kan will promote locally advantageous industries and fields such as agricultural processing, apparel and textile, footwear, electronics, and eco-tourism. The province needs to work with potential domestic and foreign investors, monitor, mobilize and support key partners and ongoing projects of large corporations. At the same time, it needs to call on scientists and leading businesses to Bac Kan to expand business through digital transformation and e-commerce.

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Source: Vietnam Business Forum