TAC Architectural Consulting JSC: Improving the Quality of Human Resources, Affirming the Leading Position

9:17:53 AM | 1/3/2022

After more than 20 years of development, TAC Architectural Consulting Joint Stock Company has become one of the leading construction, planning and architectural consulting units in Thai Nguyen province and the northern mountainous provinces.

Reputation for product quality

In 1999, Thai Nguyen Architecture - Planning - Construction Consulting Center (under Thai Nguyen Architects Association) was established. In March 2001, it transformed into Thai Nguyen Architectural Consulting One Member Limited Liability Company. In response to development requirements, in 2016, the company converted to a joint stock enterprise model, under the name TAC Architectural Consulting Joint Stock Company.

Since its establishment, the company has affirmed its capacity, rapidly growing in size and operating market. It was awarded many certificates of merit by the Ministry of Construction, Vietnam Association of Architects and Provincial People's Committee for its achievements. Hundreds of projects consulted and critiqued by the company have been implemented such as Thai Nguyen University Conference Center; multi-purpose house of Thai Nguyen University of Pedagogy, Thai Nguyen University of Industry; Thai Nguyen Social Protection Center, and a series of other schools, medical, and housing projects. Some major projects of the province implemented by the company include headquarters of People's Council - Provincial People's Committee; and Thai Nguyen Tea Festival area.

TAC also participates in urban planning projects and new urban areas, typically urban planning of Song Cong city, Pho Yen town, Viet Bac urban area; The central planning of the districts of Ba Be, Na Ri, Bach Thong, Pac Nam (Bac Kan province); The planning project of a new urban area in the West of Thai Nguyen city of 1500 ha; The planning project of Thinh Dan new urban area of 445 ha; and other planning projects in urban areas, townships, residential areas inside and outside the province.

Besides, the company also actively participates in architectural contests, construction industry activities and Thai Nguyen Architects Association. In which, many projects and designs of the company are highly evaluated for creativity, practicality and meaning, and are selected for many projects in the area. In 2021, TAC won the first prize in architectural design for the construction of a cultural - sport- green park complex in Pho Yen town.

Despite facing many difficulties due to the impact of the pandemic, with the efforts of all employees, the company still successfully completed the set plan; maintaining the stable life of workers. In addition to professional activities, TAC company also actively contributes to charity activities, social security, and COVID-19 pandemic prevention, with the amount of hundreds of millions of VND per year.

Upholding the quality of human resources

In order to achieve the goals in 2022 and the following years, TAC company has come up with many solutions such as: Diversifying products and areas of activity to exploit the capacity of employees and meet the needs of social requirements... The company will focus on innovation and access to new technologies, and improve product quality with the criterion of "good products - good works". Thereby, it continues to affirm the position and prestige of the leading brand in Thai Nguyen and northern mountainous provinces on construction consulting.

According to Architect Nguyen Van Cuong - Director of TAC Company, in order to meet work requirements, the company has focused on investing in facilities, purchasing equipment; building a spacious office, with specialized design rooms, document warehouses, equipment and machinery. In particular, the workspace has a modern design and is linked together so that everyone can exchange, discuss, and improve work efficiency.

Emphasizing dedication and creativity, the company has built a specific production and business strategy and regularly adjusted and supplemented to match reality. On the other hand, the company will timely apply technical innovation into work practice.

During the development process, TAC has built a solid and united team in which the intelligence, creativity and enthusiasm of each individual is always promoted. Defining that "people are the decisive factor for success", the company regularly organizes training programs on management skills, professional improvement and culture, core values promotion. At the same time, the company will promote the model of "learning company"; and regularly set up training programs for employees to access new policies and new technologies.

“With the orientation of sustainable development, TAC pays special attention to fostering the young generation, helping promote their abilities and motivation for development. Those who are capable and enthusiastic have the opportunity to develop. From the leader to each employee, their working position is arranged most suitably with expertise and capacity. The company also develops regulations on reward and strict discipline, creating motivation for employees. Thereby, regardless of position, each individual brings the best work efficiency and responsibility, contributing to the sustainable development of the business,” Director Nguyen Van Cuong emphasized.

“Over the years, TAC has been selected by dozens of investors in Thai Nguyen as a consultant from project exploration to production operation. Catching the trend of strong investment attraction of Thai Nguyen province, the field of consulting, investment project formulation and investment project implementation procedures will be developed by us to a new and more professional level and will become a key field in the coming years,” said Architect Nguyen Van Cuong, Director of TAC Company.

By Vietnam Business Forum