Gia Lai Province: A Region with Great Potential

10:57:51 AM | 25/1/2006

Gia Lai is a mountainous province in the north of the Central Highland with a natural area of 15,485 square kilometres km2 and the population of over 1.1 million including many ethnic minorities (the Kinh majority, Jrai and Bahna ethnic groups).
It borders Kon Tum in the North, Dak Lac in the South, Cambodia in the West with 90 kilometres of border line and Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen in the East. Gia Lai has favourable position for developing road and railway networks for the Central Highlands, central coastal region, North-east of Cambodia and lower areas of Lao. The province boasts Pleiku Airport with daily flights between Da Nang and Hanoi.
Gia Lai has great agro-forestry potentials with nearly 450,000 hectares under cultivation. The basalt soil (red soil) accounts for 386,000 hectares out of seven soil groups in the province. With its typical highland climate, this is an important condition for planting long-term industrial crops like coffee, rubber, cashew nut and pepper. In addition, the province has nearly 1 million hectares of forestry land with 749,769 hectares of forests and 75.6 million cubic metres of wood reserves. Gia Lai province makes up 28 percent of forestry land, 30 percent of forests and 38 percent of wood reserves in the Central Highlands. There are nearly 100 million bamboos and many precious birds and wild animals.
The minerals in Gia Lai are abundant with big reserves of aluminium and gold. The province has the potential of producing construction material with the reserves of over 30 million tonnes of limestone, more than 90 millions cubic metres of granite and the sand along the banks of rivers.
This grandiose highlands are the source of many big rivers running to the central coastal areas and the Mekong Delta. Therefore, it plays an important role in the regional ecological balance. This is an abundant resource for hydraulic power generation with about 10.5 – 11 billion KW. Besides the four big hydraulic works with a designed capacity of 1.422 MW (the biggest is Yaly having the capacity of 760 MW), there are 85 small and medium hydraulic power works of over 80,000 KW.
Tourism is also a strength of Gia Lai with many mountains, hills, lakes and waterfalls. It has primeval forests with diversified flora and fauna systems. The province attracts tourists thanks to its unique cultures of ethnic minorities with Cong - Chieng Culture, a cultural heritage of the mankind as well as revolutionary traditions with the name of the national hero - Nup. 
Along with positive changes in the economic development, the potential land of Gia Lai will provide big opportunities to investors.