Gia Lai Tourism Services Co. Exploiting Attractive Locations and Tours

11:06:09 AM | 25/1/2006

Gia Lai province belongs to the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. It is on the “The green road of Highlands” tour with fantastic and attractive tourism potential. The grandiose landscapes of Highland jungles and mountains, the historical relics linking with national revolutionary traditions, especially traditional cultural values of native ethnic minorities have created certain advantages for provincial tourism in the long-term tourism orientation, making a significant contribution to the local economic structure.
In recent years, to effectively exploit these potentials as well as meet the demands of domestic and foreign tourists, Gia Lai Tourism Services Company has invested in infrastructure development and enhanced the quality of human resources. At the same time, it has formulated new and attractive tours, leaving a deep impression on visitors.
In the coming years, the company will continue upgrading existing facilities as well as creating new tourism products. Pleiku Hotel will be upgraded into a three-star hotel with 7 floors and more than 100 standard bedrooms. Hung Vuong Hotel will be developed into a 4-storey hotel, raising the total number of two-star bedrooms to 50. At Dien Hong Lake Tourism Resort, the company will continue the second investment phase with many modern services. In particular, in 2006, the first investment stage of Phu Cuong Waterfall tourism zone will be started, opening a new sightseeing destination with attractive services such as elephant riding, boat racing and adventure tourism.
In the future, the company will further develop the local typical tours like visiting and discovering the Banah and Giarai cultures, riding elephants as well as opening new tours to Konkaking National Park, the National Reserve of Koncharang and Ayunha Lake. It will also expand the tours to the neighbouring countries like Lao, Cambodia and Thailand by road. In addition, it has paid special attention to human training for the hotel and tourist resorts, especially enhancing the professional qualifications for tour guides.
Le Tuyet Nga,
Director of Gia Lai Tourism Services Co.