Lam Dong Province Well Prepares Industrial Zones to Welcome Investors

11:12:50 AM | 26/6/2006

In order to boost industry and contribute to the transition of economic structure and the effective use of material resources as well as human resources in locality, Lam Dong province is implementing the construction of industrial zones and industrial complexes, in which Loc Son Industrial Zone and Phu Hoi Industrial Complex are managed by Lam Dong province’s industrial zones authority.
Loc Son industrial zone: located at a T-junction on the national highway between 20 & rout 55 to Dalat, is 120 Km from Phan Thiet, 100 Km from Lien Khuong Airport in Dalat, 180 Km from Ho Chi Minh City on a total area of 185 ha. Investors can feel safe about the technical infrastructure in the IZ because besides a highway system to Dalat, HCMC & Phan Thiet and internal traffic systems, the area also has car parking place and storehouses which have been built for easy access of transport vehicles and containers.

The Power supply for Loc Son IZ comes from national grid 220 KV (Da Nhiem-Bao Loc-Long Binh, Da Mi-Ham Thuan-Bao Loc hydroelectric plant) guarantee sufficient, constant and stable power supply for factories and the whole IZ. Water distributing systems included underground water (7 water tanks) & Dai Binh River guarantees an efficient water supply for the IZ with drainage and waste treatment system which have also been specially constructed. In addition, Loc Son IZ in coordination with Lam Dong provincial post office built a telecommunication network reaching international standards to meet investors’ communication need. Loc Son IZ with its modern infrastructure and advanced technology, guarantees environmental hygiene and can support the green-tea processing industry, coffee, farming products, food, fruit, garments and textiles, silk, silk weaving, aluminum production, construction materials, electronic, leather & shoes. The rent price is 0,15 USD/m2  per year, the same as the infrastructure fee.
Phu Hoi Indutry Complex is built located in Hamlet Preh, Phu Hoi village, Duc Trong commune. Phu Hoi Industry Complex is located near Da Him river, 4 km away from Lien Ninh town to the North, 35 Km away from Da Lat to the north-east and 80 Km away from Bao Loc town to the south -west. The Total area of Phu Hoi Industry Complex is 98 ha. Phu Hoi Industry Complex is encouraging tourism, food processing, construction material production, forest products processing, chemistry and metallurgy industries. When investing in Phu Hoi IC, investors are consulted on technology transference, project planning, license paper profiles, recruitment, warehouse rental, exhibition housing and living quarters and canteens for workers.
Up to late 2005, Loc Son IZ had a total of 21 registered projects, of which 17 projects were granted licenses, included 4 FDI projects and 13 projects from domestic; total investment capital reached VND 266.4 billion and US$9.2 million. Phu Hoi IC had 5 registered projects and provincial authority was quickly ratifying necessary papers to deliver sites to investors. According to Lam Dong provincial authority, in the year 2006, the rate of infrastructure construction progress in IZ & IC will be speeded up, finishing phase 1 of compensation for clearance and resettlement for residences. Simultaneously, the promotion campaign calling for investment will be boosted by organizing trade symposiums & investment promotion activities in HCMC and other provinces, in conjunction with the IZ authority in Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh to supply information, web design and implement computer programs to gradually enhance the quality of management and operation, to better support enterprises and investors. There are about 30 projects planned in Loc Son Industrial zones and 20 projects are expected in Phu Hoi industrial complex in 2006.