All Investors to Be Happy with Business Environment in Ninh Thuan Province

1:32:31 PM | 1/9/2006

Mr. Nguyen Thoai, Director of Ninh Thuan Department of Planning and Investment, gives an interview to Vietnam Business Forum magazine under Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Could you please, introduce the advantages of investments in Ninh Thuan province?
Ninh Than is a coastal province in Central Vietnam with favourable infrastructure such as Highway 1A, North-South railways, Highway 27 to Ad Lat and Central Highlands. The provincial capital Phan Rang – Thap Cham is 45 km from Cam Ranh airport and 30 km from Ba Ngoi seaport.
Than province has several landscapes with wilderness and clean environment suitable for the development of sea tourism ( in Ninh Chu and Binh Tien beaches, Vinh Hy bay, Chua mountain national park, Nam Cuong dune, Dinh cape), cultural-historic tourism (Cham towers in Poklong, Hoa Lao, Prome) and typical culture of Cham nationality.
This drought-stricken part of Vietnam specializes in the production of salt, construction stone, aquatic products, goats, sheep, cotton, grape, cashew nut, tobacco etc. With the supply of those materials, investors can develop processing industries.
The development of Phan Rang – Thap Cham provincial capital to the East and North West and the expansion of Phuoc Dan town (Ninh Phuoc district) and Khanh Hai town ( Ninh Hai district) have created large areas for investment projects and Ninh Than will meet the demand of investors accordingly.
Do those potentials satisfy investors or do difficulties remain?
One of the difficulties is the shortage of infrastructure. To develop a tourist project, there must be essential infrastructure including roads, power and water supply, telecommunication. In recent years, although the province has started investment projects with priority for roads and electricity supply to tourist areas and industrial zones, the province’s revenue and State budget remain limited. Therefore, Ninh Than seek investments and cooperation in the development of infrastructure, Presently, the province has started the cooperation with Hoa Chen group from Shanghai (China) and Hoang Quan and Trung Quy companies of Ninh Than in the development of industrial zones.
How do you treat the investors who join the efforts of the province?
Like other provinces, especially those with similar conditions, Ninh Than will accord special treatment to the investors. With most friendly reception, we explain our sincere desire for their investments to overcome our difficulties. We will listen to their remarks not only on investment projects but also on overall development of the province. As far as I know, there are investors who are willing to make investments in difficult regions due to the welcoming attitude of the local authorities.
For preferential treatment, we offer the highest possible levels provided by the Government and additional terms permitted by the laws. Regarding the workplace, if the projects are in line with the planning of the province, we will create all necessary conditions for land compensation and clearance and hand over the land to the investors. We will apply “one-stop shop” for all formalities, simplify procedures and shorten the time in favour of the investors. In promotion activities, in cooperation with other provinces and cities, we will provide information relating to investments and organize business meetings seeking for partnership.
How did those efforts help the investment in recent years?
We are glad to say that more and more investors are coming to Ninh Than. They have sympathy with the difficulties of the province and also have long vision in the future. The investments are more diversified and with ever larger scale.
Presently, the province has 83 approved investment projects with total investment of nearly VND6,000 billion, including 41 projects under implementation with investment of VND1,540 billion. Since the beginning of 2006 up to now, 30 investment projects have been registered in the province with a total investment capital of nearly VND2,000 billion. The projects have focused on the comparative edge of the province namely tourism, agricultural production and animal husbandry, agriculture and fishery processing. Big projects under implementation are Binh Tien tourist centre, Minh Phu company’s breeding project of 5 billion shrimps, Du Long IZ infrastructure project, Phuoc Nam IZ, eco-tourism centres in Vinh Hy and Nui Chua among others.
Most of the projects are on schedule. Many of them are already in operation with high efficiency such as Hung Dai Vuong granite plant, Tien Than garment enterprise (Viet Tien garment company), Saigon-Ninh Chu touristy centre (Saigontourist), Cholinex shrimp breeding project, and the CP Group (Thailand).
What advice would you offer investors who are coming to Ninh Thuan?
General information is not enough to attract investors. They need specific information on investment opportunities. After analyzing all advantages and difficulties, we will focus on certain areas such as the production of salt and post-salt chemicals, agriculture-forestry-fishery processing, construction materials, granite processing. We are calling for investments in Du Long and Phuoc Nam industrial zones with the expansion to 799-800 hectares each, an area with complete infrastructure and low compensation for the development of efficient factories.
As the central government plans to develop Phan Rang, Da Lat and Nha Trang into key tourist centres of Vietnam, we will attract investments to develop sea tourism, eco-tourism and cultural tourism in Binh Tien – Vinh Hy, Vinh Hy - Ninh Chu. Those areas remain in wilderness with forests, sea, reserve of rare species in a long coast of 60 kilometres long. Tourist centres and resorts can be built, especially in Ninh Chu – Binh Son – My Thanh tourist area of 60 hectares with complete infrastructure and only 3 km from Phan Rang.
We will successfully carry out programmes of agricultural production, animal husbandry and water conservancy bringing irrigated area to 45 per cent of the cultivated land to increase production value per hectare. We call for investments in animal husbandry to develop farms of sheep, goats and cows and pastures. Investments can also be made in the development of certain materials for industrial production.
With the plan to make Ninh Than a breeding centre of high quality species of Vietnam, we call on investors to develop breeding centres of shrimp and other high value aquatic products.
In addition, if investors wish to invest in any other area that they can have successful opportunities, we are ready to listen and hold discussions with them to ensure the best results.
Reported by Ngoc Trang