Ninh Thuan Festival 2007: Integration, Development and Friendliness

3:47:43 PM | 30/3/2007

Themed “Integration, Development and Friendliness”, Ninh Thuan Festival 2007 aims to impress visitors and investors.
Ninh Thuan province is charming because of grandiose, romantic but primitive landscapes like Ca Na Beach, Vinh Hy Bay, Binh Tien Beach, Ninh Chu Beach, Ca Du Mountain, Nui Chua National Garden. The natural scenery in Ninh Thuan harmoniously combines mountains, lowlands, and the sea to form unique and characteristic traits. Visitors to Ninh Thuan will enjoy the natural life, explore the coastal living environment or play on white sand hills, listen to the rustling pines, and explore the dry ecosystem. The land and the people are immersed in legends and mysteries.  
About 6km east of Phan Rang-Thap Cham Town, Ninh Chu Beach, one of the nine most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, stands as a colourful picture spotted with blue sea, white sand and yellow sunshine. Ninh Thuan coastline also holds a lively, miraculous and enchanting colourful world of coral. The sand hills along Ninh Thuan coast burst with flowering cacti, evidence of the vitality and growth of the land and the people here. At the Ninh Thuan seaside, visitors will be able to forget daily activities and worries to enjoy nature’s peace.
Local mountains and forests bring comfort and relaxation, and arouse the thirst for discovery. Nui Chua national nature conserve, Tan Son hot spring, Sakai waterfall and Nai pond are must-see destinations. Nui Chua national nature conserve is described as the most remarkable dry forest of Vietnam and the Southeast Asian region, featuring a wide variety of plant life. It is combined with hot springs to create ideal and attractive ecological tours for visitors. Ninh Thuan is also home to historical relics like Pi Nang Tac rock traps, a demonstration of Ninh Thuan people’s bravery in the fight for national liberation.
The culture of Ninh Thuan contains numerous mysteries, which draw the curiosity of everyone. In addition to ancient Cham architecture and various religious rituals like Kate Festival, Ramuwan, thanksgiving festival, fish-worshiping ritual and champa dances, Ninh Thuan also preserves and develops many traditional craft villages like My Nghiep brocade weaving and Bau Truc pottery.
In recent years, with sound policies to tap and promote local potential and advantages, the tourism sector of Ninh Thuan Province has created positive development in infrastructure construction for tourism, building new tourist sites, and introduced new products and services. This success provides momentum for new development and prospect of further integrating Ninh Thuan tourism with national tourism development. To recognise initial success and prospects, promote potential and advantages, and advertise tourism trademarks, the Ninh Thuan Province People’s Committee decided to open Ninh Thuan Festival 2007. This is a well-designed, major culture and tourism festival which will take place throughout the province, aiming to introduce cultural and historic values, traditional cultures, and the social and economic activities of Ninh Thuan to domestic and international visitors and economic, cultural and social organisations. During the festival, visitors will find impressive views, and business opportunities will be abundant for investors.
Main activities of Ninh Thuan Festival:
Performing arts programmes:
- General music and dancing shows, Vietnamese Guinness records
- Music shows, traffic safety fashion shows, tourism fashion shows
- Juvenile music and dancing shows
- Fish-worshipping festival performance
Exhibitions, contests and conferences:
- Photo exhibitions, cactus world exhibition
- Vietnam high quality goods trade fair, local handicraft trade fairs
- Gastronomics contest. Sheep contest
- Tourism seminar
Sports activities and game shows:
- Beach volleyball
- Sand motor race
- Water-skiing, canoeing
- Relay swimming
- Folklore game shows
- Jogging and bike race: “Red Cactus Cup”
- Game show “Conquering Nai Pond”; swimming, coracle and netting compound race
-“Conquering high mountain” running

Bien Ngoc