Reform Must Be Substantive

The year 2019 has elapsed with a lot of positive remarks. The economy maintained high growth momentum, with gross domestic product (GDP) expanding 7.02% in the year, higher than the expected target, the economic scale was enlarged, with growth quality highly appreciated.

Resolve and Spirit of Vietnam

2019, the last year in the second decade of the 21st Century, has just elapsed. The world landscape seemed to be darker than in 2018. The world economy slowed down. The struggle of globalization and economic connectivity with trade protectionism and anti-integration became aggressive. Strategic frictions among major countries were very intense, leading to complex outcomes in economy, trade, politics and security.

Agricultural Restructuring from Perspective of OCOP Program

The implementation of the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program is of great significance to socioeconomic development. It has helped increase incomes, jobs, material and spiritual life for people, replace backward production practices, direct people toward the market economy, and create a new direction for the manufacture and trade of locally advantageous traditional products.

Working out Appropriate Approach for Banking System Restructuring

Restructuring Vietnam's banking system, with a focus placed on commercial banks, plays an important role in the economic restructuring process aimed to achieve the goal of improving labor productivity, quality, performance and the competitiveness of the economy.

Tapetco - Leading Scientific and Technological Application to Aviation Fuel Supply Industry

After more than 10 years of construction and development (2008 - 2019), by pioneering investment and application of modern technology in aviation fueling, Tan Son Nhat Petrol Commercial Joint Stock Company (Tapetco) has grown to become a prestigious brand in the market, trusted and selected by international airlines.

Lunar New Year: Thousand-Year Cultural Beauty of Vietnamese People

For Vietnamese people, the Tet holiday is the most important time of the year. Whether urban or rural, in lowland or mountainous regions, mainland or remote islands, inside or outside the country, every time New Year comes, everyone remembers their homeland and their roots. Tet holiday has contributed to highlighting the cultural identity and the ideal of life imprinted on the minds of Vietnamese people.

Renovation and Growth Quality Improvement

Focused economic restructuring coupled with changing the growth pattern has produced remarkable socioeconomic development achievements for Dak Lak province. Vietnam Business Forum Magazine has an interview with Mr. Pham Ngoc Nghi, Chairman of Dak Lak Provincial People’s Committee, on this issue. Hoang Nam reports.

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